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CodeRefinery: welcome and practical information for workshops


Please test the following when arriving:

  • Test that you have Git installed: git --version
  • Test that you have Python installed: python --version
  • Verify whether you can use both above commands in the same environment/terminal.


Program for the next 3 days

  • Emphasis on version control
  • Examples are on GitHub but OK to use another platform instead
  • Challenge: different programming languages - when we need an explicit example, we will default to Python
  • Quick look at the program:
  • We don't aim to just teach you what is in the program. One other goal is to leave you with a personal computer set up to do science independently.
  • All material is online and CC-BY

Interactive style

  • Software Carpentry style of teaching: code-along and many exercises, minimize slides
  • Sticky notes system (red=request a helper come by, yellow=done with exercise)
  • Optional session feedback (one aspect you enjoyed, one aspect we need to improve)
  • 6 months feedback

Practical issues

Join and let others know

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