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Concluding remarks for workshops and where to go from there

All feedback welcome:

If you would like a certificate, please email

To use our GitLab service

  • to be able to create projects/groups, please write
  • everybody can join existing projects without asking us

Changes to the material:

If you liked this workshop, tell others about the "notify-me" form:

If you would like to get involved in teaching/tutoring/material:

  • please write to us, every contribution most welcome
  • if you would like to reuse some of our material, we can probably support you

CodeRefinery newsletter

  • frequency: roughly bi-monthly
  • projects updates, announcements of workshops and other events, some tips and tricks...
  • to sign up, visit

Participate in discussions

We use Zulip to discuss within our team and community. We discuss in the open and you can join our chat: You can listen in, follow certain threads, participate, and influence. Welcome! Also we would love to answer any question about code development, tools, project layouts, etc.. Perhaps we can connect people to help out with code review?

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