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v0.1.6.1 - October 24, 2014
- Added Growl notification types: Info, Success, Failure (Thanks pcrockett!3 )
v0.1.6.0 - August 12, 2014
- Fixes to VS 2013 support
- Added output to file option for all message and for all errors (Thanks jjchiw!)
- Upgraded NSpec (Thanks Chris Seroka!)
v0.1.5.0 - July 5, 2013
- Added Pause support, cli option P (Thanks Kelly Elton!)
- Added console colors for Pass/Fail/Ignore for better readability (Thanks Hadi Eskandari!)
- Added excludes to test filters (Thanks Chad Wilkin!)
- Updated xunit runner to 1.9.1 (Thanks Reid Evans!)
- Updated to support .NET 4.5 (Thanks Reid Evans!)
v0.1.4.0 - Apr 3, 2012
- Added test filter support
- Added NSpec support (Thanks Eric Bock!)
- Resolved issue with Display Information when no test assemblies were detected
- Added support for loading .NET 2 assemblies
v0.1.2.0 - Dec 10, 2011
- Added multiple test assembly support (auto detected, or passed by a comma separated list to the -t option)
v0.1.1.4 - Nov 6, 2011
- Fixed XUnit test project detection (Thanks Ian Davis!)
- No longer blocking Ctrl-C (GH-4)
- No longer setting the window size, buffer size, or position. Giles shouldn't be doing this
- Fixed issue with Giles not using the test assembly's app.config (GH-12)
v0.1.1.3 - Oct 12, 2011
- Added E option to the interactive console to only print out the errors from the last test run, verbosely, including the stack traces
- Added Success and Failure icons to Growl notification - Thanks to Ian Davis for the idea.
v0.1.1.2 - Sept 12, 2011
- Added x86 version of Giles to support testing of x86 target applications. A giles-x86.ps1 script has also been included to launch the x86 Giles instead of the AnyCPU version
- Added Giles version output to help window and to the console window title
v0.1.1.1 - Sept 2, 2011
- Added giles.ps1 & init script. Now instead of having to run Giles manually from the nuget package, you just need to run giles.ps1 from the root of the solution. Giles will find the correct .sln files and start watching straight away.
- Added MIT license
v0.1.1.0 - Sept 1, 2011
- Fixed Machine.Specification versioning issue where the test project needed to have the same version of mspec that Giles was using. Giles no longer has a dependancy on Machine.Specifications.dll, so we're version independent now!
v0.1.0.2 - Aug 29, 2011
- Introduced Giles own runners instead of relying on console runners for each test framework
- The only command line option required now is the solution file to watch, the test assembly is determined automatically. If Giles gets the test assembly incorrect, then you can specify the test assembly location with the -t parameter