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Adding the rest of the contributors to the project.

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codereflection committed May 27, 2011
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@@ -85,10 +85,18 @@ <h2>Screenshots</h2>
-<p>Jeff Schumacher (<a href=" ">@codereflection</a>)
-Bobby Johnson (<a href="">@notmyself</a>)
-<br/> </p>
+Jeff Schumacher (<a href=" ">@codereflection</a>) (just a guy with an idea)
+<br />
+Bobby Johnson (<a href="">@notmyself</a>) (Growl support)
+<br />
+Paul Batum (<a href="">@paulbatum</a>) (Recently fixed our build!)
+<br />
+Scott Koon (<a href="">@lazycoder</a>) ( support)
+<br />
+Mario Pareja (<a href="">@mario_pareja</a>) (Test assembly inference & other fixes)
+<br />
<p>Jeff Schumacher (
<br/> </p>

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