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Nested Prefabs

Nested Prefabs

A prefab can be created by combining other smaller prefabs. These are called nested prefabs

We'll use the barrel prefab from our previous example. Drop in 3 barrel prefabs on to the scene.

{% include inline_image.html file="nested_prefabs/nested_prefab_01.jpg" %}

Hold down the Control key and select the three prefabs. We will be using this selection to create a new prefab

{% include note.html content="Make sure you see a green outline around the selection. Green outline means prefab selection" %}

{% include inline_image.html file="nested_prefabs/nested_prefab_02.jpg" %}

Create a prefab with these three barrels

{% include inline_image.html file="getting_started/A_create_prefab_menu.png" %}

{% include inline_image.html file="nested_prefabs/nested_prefab_03.jpg" %}

Drop the newly created prefab on to the scene

{% include inline_image.html file="nested_prefabs/nested_prefab_04.jpg" %}

{% include links.html %}

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