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Registering your event at

This year, registering your event at is easier than it has ever been! Like a lot of other community events, we're using a Pull Request-based process for registrations:

  1. Fork the Coderetreat git repository, current status: Build Status

  2. Create a new file called $YOURCITY.json in the _data/events_gdcr2018/ of the repository. You can either:

    • Generate a file automatically by using this schema.

    • Generate a valid JSON below:

      <script async src="//"></script>

    The only required fields are:

    • title
    • url
    • either location.utcOffset or location.timezone

    If you want your event to show up on our map as well, please fill out location.coordinates with the coordinates of your city. You can find them by typing the city name into Google Maps (or OSM for that matter) and extracting the coordinates from the URL.

    For Berlin, Google Maps yields the following url:,13.4009883,16.3z
                                 ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
                                 Latitude   Longitude

    With OpenStreetMap, the URL looks like this:
                                          ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
                                          Lat.    Long.
  3. Run the tests locally before creating the pull request:

    cd # Change into the repository
    npm install               # Install all dependencies
    npm test                  # Verify all events
  4. Submit a pull request from Github. Be sure your PR title is clear.

  5. Travis-CI will automatically verify that your JSON file is valid (it should show up here in the test output)

    If you would like to to run the verification of the JSON file locally, then you must have NodeJS installed on your machine.

  6. The Coderetreat coordinators will then merge your request as soon as possible.