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Registering an article at

  1. Fork the Coderetreat git repository, current status: Build Status

  2. Create a new file called YYYY-Author-name.yaml in the corresponding directory:

    • _data/articles/experiences/as-an-attendee/: the article explains the experience when attending a coderetreat.
    • _data/articles/experiences/as-a-facilitator/: the article explains the experience when facilitating a coderetreat.
    • _data/articles/about-the-format/: the article talks about the coderetreat format and it's not related to a particular event. In this case, we also include city and country about the author to show the community around the world!

    You can either:

    The required fields are:

    • title
    • url
    • year

    For, make sure you use the full name of the country. Example below:

    • United Kingdom
    • UK
    • United States of America
    • US
    • USA
  3. Run the tests locally before creating the pull request (you must have NodeJS installed on your machine):

    cd # Change into the repository
    npm install               # Install all dependencies
    npm test                  # Verify all events
  4. Submit a pull request from Github. Be sure your PR title is clear.

  5. Travis-CI will automatically verify that your YAML file is valid (it should show up here in the test output)

  6. The Coderetreat coordinators will then merge your request as soon as possible.


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