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Dear Ben,

I made some minor changes to your code.


PS: what is rel() supposed to do in pyradio?
It throws a NameError: global name 'file' is not defined.

@coderholic coderholic commented on an outdated diff Jan 16, 2012
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ class Log(object):
if self.cursesScreen:
- self.cursesScreen.addstr(0, 1, self.msg[0: self.width].replace("\r", "").replace("\n", ""))
+ self.cursesScreen.addstr(0, 1, self.msg[0: self.width].rstrip())
coderholic Jan 16, 2012 Owner

It's not just whitespace at the end of the string I need to remove, it's any whitespace in the message. Otherwise it causes ncurses layout problems.

@arne-cl arne-cl Revert "improved legibility: rstrip() instead removing \r and \n with…
… replace()"

This reverts commit 0bdb5a6f3130aa23e736e46a7e5d407893f2faa9.

Okay, I reverted that change.

@coderholic coderholic merged commit 377de18 into coderholic:master Jan 18, 2012
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