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Welcome to the jquery-localize wiki!

Change for jQuery 1.3.2

I’m using jQuery 1.3.2 and jquery-localize didn’t work immediately for me. I started looking into it, worried that I’d have to submit a code change, and realized that attribute selectors must be different than in previous versions. For example, use [rel*=localize] instead of rel*=localize.

More accurate language detection

I was having problems getting the plugin to recognize the language settings in my browser. I’d add French (for example) and then promote it up to the top of the list. I expected that when I refreshed my page with the jquery-localize script running that the text I’d flagged would get translated into French. But, as I discovered in this StackOverflow question that what the script is actually reading is the operating system’s language setting. There’s a very helpful Google app service and a jQuery plugin/code on that StackOverflow link that will let jquery-localize get the value from the browser’s preferences.