Adds text-objects for word-based columns in Vim.
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The normal mode mappings that start with "v" introduce a mapping delay when entering visual mode; this is irritating. Instead, define the mappings directly in visual mode, and disregard the previous selection with <C-u> prepended to the function call, so it works the same.
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The word-based column text-object makes operating on columns of code conceptually simpler and reduces keystrokes.


The common task of deleting, changing, or adding to a vertical column of code can be achieved using visual-blocks, however the first step is to establish the visual block itself. This typically involves moving the cursor to the start of the block, and then using vim motions to move the cursor to the end of the block, and finally doing the appropriate operation.

With a text object for columns, establishing the visual block is much easier, and even unecessary for certain operations.


This plugin adds ic, ac, iC, and aC as text-objects. Use them in commands like vic, cic, and daC.

Learn more in the plugin doc: