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Kiva is a charitable organization and microfinance platform for making micro loans to people across the world in both developing countries and the U.S. Want to support Kiva in its mission? Go to http://kiva.org/about/supportus


Kivabeta is a project to leverage the vast talent of developers across the world to add new and more powerful searching and lending features on top of the Kiva API.

How does this help Kiva

Kiva has many requests for new features that would make lending on the site easier or more engaging. Unfortunately, we don't often have time to implement such features. Also, unfortunately, we don't have much of our code open-sourced yet. This leaves us unable to enable people to help us in the ways they would like to  Kiva Beta gives us a chance to put some code out there that can go on Github and then on the Kiva site if it proves useful, can be merged back into our code base. In addition to making the site better, this should help us work towards open sourcing more of our code.

Kiva engineers highly appreciate all the help. For more information on working with the Kiva API for your own projects, check out http://build.kiva.org 


Clone this repository into a web-accessible directory that supports HTML and javascript. Then navigate to that directory (e.g., http://localhost/kivabeta/index.html )


Kiva Beta is an initiative by Kevin O'Brien at Kiva (http://kiva.org/lender/penguinsforthewin) along with http://giving.github.com
Contribute and we'll add your name here as well

Contributors are listed in the order that they have contributed code to the project

#1 https://github.com/mscoutermarsh (Mike Coutermarsh)