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Project Frisbee

Powered by GDG[x]

All GDG content in one place. Project Frisbee is the result of GDG[x]'s coordinated efforts to build an applications that makes it easier to discover Google Developer Group content while being on the go. The GDG App features the Google+ Newsfeed, Upcoming Events and general information on every active chapter listed in the Google Developer Group Directory


  • GDG Pulse
  • Google Developers Live Videos
  • Chapter News and Events
  • Upcoming Event Widget

Frisbee is a community effort and we appreciate the help of everyone who wants to help improve the App.

Check for more information.

Build Status

The GDG App, GDG[x] are not endorsed and/or supported by Google, the corporation.

© 2013 GDG[x]

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