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Road Map for Android


  • Basic Knowledge of Java
  • Access to an Android device is helpful, but not mandatory


  • Installing Android and SDK Tools
  • Setting up Virtual Devices
  • Learning UI
  • Working with Java
  • Working with Internet
  • Managing Databases
  • Publishing Apps

Section 1: (1 - 2 hrs)

Getting Started:

Android Official Docs

Setting Up Android Studio:

Installation & AVD setup

Running Apps on Your Device

Section 2: (4 - 5 hrs)

App Structure

Directory Structure

App Manifest

App Manifest - Video Explanation

Activity Lifecycle

Activity Lifecycle - Video Explanation

Section 3: (2 - 3 hrs)

Create Your First App

Hello World App

Hello World - Video Explanation

Task: Create Your First Hello World App

Section 4: (10 - 12 hrs)

Views and Layouts

Linear Layouts

Relative Layouts

Grid Layouts

Constraint Layouts

Resource for all the above - User Interface Mini Course

Designing and Media




Material Design

Task: Complete the two apps from the mini course

Section 5: (4 - 5 hrs)

Interaction with Java

Effective Java for Android

Event Handlers

Callback Methods

onCreate Method

Displaying Toast and Snackbar

Floating Action Button

Task: Create Simple Lifecycle App using references given


Explicit Intents

Implicit Intents

Sharing content with Intents

Swipeable Views

Pull-out Drawer

Task: Create an app with Button and TextView. Every click of the button should increment the numerical value. Display the incremented number in the TextView. Also add a reset button. Clicking reset button should reset the TextView and display a Toast about the same.

Section 6: (4 - 5 hrs)



Video and Audio

[Controlling Audio]

Task: Create your own media player with media controls that can play Audio (mp3) and Video (mp4) files. Experiment with more audio video formats.

Section 7: (4 - 5 hrs)

Adapters and ListView


ArrayAdapter with ListView

Custom Views

Using RecyclerView

Surface View

Task: Create an application that shows list of items

  • Render list of numbers from 1 - 100 in English & french
  • Once an item/row is clicked, item string should be displayed on a new activity in its text view. Data Source

Section 8: (7 - 8 hrs)



Async Task

Downloading Files

Downloading Images

Picaso Library

GSON Library

Retrofit Library

Task: Download and display top ranked repositories from github using its APIs.

Section 9: (7 - 8 hrs)

Storing Data

Shared Preferences

SQLite Database

SQL with Cupboard

Development Platforms

Configuring Parse Server

Getting Started With Firebase

Section 10: (4 - 5 hrs)

Maps and Geolocation

Google Maps API

Using Maps in Your Apps

Getting User's Location

Customizing Maps

Section 11: (4 - 5 hrs)


Starting Backgrouond Services


Advanced Notifications

Push Messaging Using Firebase

Real-Time Messaging With Firebase

Working with Bluetooth

Including AdMob

Multi Window Mode

Section 12: (1 - 2 hrs)


Submitting App to Play Store

Android Best Practices

Creating App Shortcuts in Launcher


Widgets on Android


Knowledge Boost

Interview Questions

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