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The following is a project that was originally created by the Coders of the West internship intern team in Sheridan, Wyoming. Made in 2016 by this team, the tool was designed to create a quick and easy way to access a map for the different bus routes in Sheridan County School District #2. This tool was created to aid in navigating the various different routes for parents and school administrators. It relies on jQuery, Google Maps, and Google Charts. The data pulling function it uses relies on Google Sheets to point out the map markers.

Installation: Just download the files, open it in your preferred browser, and you're ready to go!

Usage: Put in the locations of the bus stops into a spreadsheet, and then the map should be able to form markers based on them. Could be adapted for uses such as a business, or a delivery route.

Release history: Originally developed late 2016, and turned into open-source spring-summer 2017

Contributors: Coders of the West intern team, Gannett Peak Technical Services, Sheridan Programmer's Guild.