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<!-- Please limit the arguments to 144 characters {including the author) and use twitter handles
for attribution whenever possible, don't forget the \ before the @ and before ' -->
<!-- Drug Policy arguments -->
<string name="drug0">Who owns your body? You or the government?</string>
<string name="drug1">God invented cannabis.</string>
<string name="drug2">Drugs are not an important issue. Stop wasting money locking people in prison over it</string>
<string name="drug3">Drugs are not an important issue. Stop using it as an excuse to eviscerate the bill of rights.</string>
<string name="drug4">Cops shouldn\'t put their lives on the line to stop a plant.</string>
<string name="drug5">You own your mind. You own your body.</string>
<string name="drug6">Treat addictions as a medical issue instead of a criminal one. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug7">Nearly &#8531; of all people in prison are non violent drug offenders and more than &#189; of that is marijuana \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug8">Nonviolent drug offenders only made a choice for their own bodies \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug9">Legalization of marijuana would eliminate 1/6 of jail residency \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug10">Legalization of marijuana takes away a vital cash crop from the cartels in Mexico \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug11">Taking away a vital cash crop from the cartels in Mexico will decrease the violence in the border region. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug12">Legalization of marijuana also has the potential to create thousands of jobs in the United States. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug13">Most drug users are not criminals. They are folks who unfortunately started using an addictive substance. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug14">Look at is rehabilitation for people who want to break the cycle and become whole again. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug15">Currently, we spend approximately $33,000 per year to just lock up a nonviolent drug offender \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug16">Incarceration of drug offenders treats a temporary symptom, but does nothing to cure the disease. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug17">Drug charges on your record makes it harder to be a productive member of society. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="drug18">You had me at "You own your body."</string>
<string name="drug19">Is it worth asking our LEOs to risk their lives daily to enforce these laws? \@RicMcCluskey</string>
<string name="drug20">Military equipment has been flowing from the federal government to local police under the guise of the war on drugs. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="drug21">There will always be a black market during a prohibition. \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="drug22">End the War on Drugs! It has failed as all prohibition. \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="drug23">The civil asset forfeiture game is to steal your money. \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="drug24">How many people are really going to buy expensive Nyquil and pull the acetaminophen out of it for meth? \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="drug25">Why do we tell adults what they can put in their bodies? \@GovGaryJohnson \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="drug26">Too many unnecessary laws lead to too many in prison \@GovGaryJohnson \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="drug27"> The war on drugs has caused the violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and doors get knocked down without warrants \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug28">If we legalize drugs, hostility would go away and a new relationship between police and people would form. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug29">They dont raid houses in Beverly Hills, unless youre Tommy Chong. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug30"> They dont raid affluent neighborhoods. It\'s always in the lower income areas \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug31"> All this hostility comes from the war on drugs. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug32"> The war on drugs has caused the militarization of our police forces. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug33">Because they were black, police thought, Oh there\'s gotta be some drug involved here. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug34">We need to end the war on drugs. That would put the cartels in Mexico out of business. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug35">If they want to look at a problem, how about looking at what killed Prince, opiates. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="drug36">The War On Drugs is a device used by those in power to take our liberties and provides only fear and oppression in return \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug37">Ending the drug war will remove roadblocks that prevent addicts from getting help \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug38">Ending the drug war will end the pattern of selectively-enforced felony convictions that oppress minorities and the poor \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug39">Ending the drug war will end the patterns that encourage drug users to retreat in fear from their families and aspirations \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug40">Immediate decriminalization of all drugs. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug41">End mandatory-minimum sentencing for drug-related offenses. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug42">End costly and ineffective drug testing for recipients of welfare. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug43">Reduce tax burdens for private rehabilitation programs in order to make them affordable and protect the privacy of those suffering from drug addiction \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug44">Reduce tax burdens for private rehabilitation programs in order to protect the privacy of those suffering from drug addiction \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug45">Return the right to vote to those convicted of nonviolent drug-related offenses nation-wide. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="drug46">The war on drugs has brought many unforeseen consequences. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="drug47">We incarcerate nonviolent drug offenders up to 20 years; only to the release them with restricted job access and mobility. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="drug48">The war on drugs has added “fuel to the fire” of drug cartels.</string>
<string name="drug49">In Colorado, where marijuana is legal and regulated, nearly $1 billion dollars of tax revenue was raised. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="drug50">In Colorado, marijuana taxes fund schools, infrastructure repair, and much more. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="drug51">Instead of criminalizing non-lethal drugs like marijuana, we should regulate and tax it to help fund core functions of government. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="drug52">In Iowa, if you are African-American you are 8 times more likely to be arrested for pot possession. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="drug53">The pot usage between blacks and whites is nearly identical, so there is some racial profiling going on. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="drug54">Stop arresting nonviolent people for nonviolent crimes, and stop ruining people’s futures over a plant.\@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<!-- Taxation arguments -->
<string name="tax0">Taxation is theft!</string>
<string name="tax1">Good ideas do not require force.</string>
<string name="tax2">Taxation is also the threat of armed robbery \@VoluntaryV</string>
<string name="tax3">Taxation is also the threat of kidnapping \@VoluntaryV</string>
<string name="tax4">Children are taught by corrupt teachers who accept that schools are funded by taxation. \@ruwart</string>
<string name="tax5">Taxation is a threat of murder for those who defend themselves from this thuggish aggression. \@VoluntaryV</string>
<string name="tax6">Taxation isn\'t merely theft, it\'s ongoing, it\'s slavery. \@PunkRockLiberty</string>
<string name="tax7">Taxation is murder.</string>
<string name="tax8">The average household pays between $6000 to $8000 in taxes and only get bigger government in return. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="tax9">Repeal the state sales tax. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="tax10">Reduce the size of our state government down to its constitutional limits. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="tax11">Give taxpayers the freedom to keep their hard-earned money and use it as they think best. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="tax12">The state can\'t do anything well except recklessly spending our tax dollars. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="tax13">Taxation is nothing but a euphemism for armed robbery. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="tax14">Property tax is renting the land that you supposedly own from the government. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="tax15">All services should be provided by the free market via either user fees or donations. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="tax16">Private businesses have a vested interest in providing services in the absence of government. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="tax17">Services should be paid for by those who directly use them. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="tax18">Business owners have a vested interest in subsidizing public services such as roads. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="tax19">The internet has flourished because it has remained relatively free of taxation \@GovGaryJohnson \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="tax20">Libertarians are probably more fiscally conservative than Republicans are used to. \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="tax21">Eliminate FICA taxes for all workers under the poverty line. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax22">Eliminating FICA taxes will certainly help individual workers, employers, and encourage job growth. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax23">Institute a dollar for dollar tax rebate for charitable donations. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax24">Liberty is not extortion of one\'s income under the false pretense that the thief knows better how to spend it. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax25">A tax rebate for charitable donations will encourage individuals to be more charitable. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax26">A tax rebate for charitable donations will help eliminate waste incurred by federal programs. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax27">We demand a national policy that is not based on coercion and brutality. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax28">Lowering taxes for all businesses should also be a priority. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax29">Start with eliminating the corporate tax for small businesses so they can invest in their businesses and their communities. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax30">Eliminating taxation on repatriated profits could bring over $2.1 trillion sitting overseas back to the US. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="tax31">Eliminate the grocery tax. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="tax32">A tax on groceries hits our low income residents the hardest. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<!-- Economic arguments -->
<string name="econ0">End all corporate welfare.</string>
<string name="econ1">Corporations control the government. Therefore, we need more government.</string>
<string name="econ2">People are greedy. Therefore, we need a government that is made up of people.</string>
<string name="econ3">Wouldn\'t the most libertarian thing be to let the country run itself?</string>
<string name="econ4">Let\'s stop wasting money on pork and unnecessary programs that do more harm than good. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="econ5">Government monopoly on the water system is what made the Flint Water Crisis possible in the first place. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="econ6">Flint did not seek competition in the market to reduce costs while improving services. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="econ7">Democrats and Republicans forgo addressing the root of the problem in lieu of partisan propaganda. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="econ8">Free Market regulation, where mistreating customers leads to lost customers, is a natural answer to short sighted schemes. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="econ9">Libertarians envision a society where people may choose to share freely with one another. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="econ10">Free Software grants users access to the source code, and allows them to freely change, improve, and re-distribute the code. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="econ11">Officials would benefit the lives of their constituents by encouraging the ethos and practices of the free software movement. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="econ12">Governments don’t create jobs, businesses do. \@GovGaryJohnson \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="econ13">The market is not what is wrong with the United States economy. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ14">What is wrong with the economy is the perversion of the market in favor of a government owned by big business. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ15">1 of the largest problems facing America is the symbiotic relationship between the federal government and big business. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ16">Large corporations lobby government in order to have their bills passed through congress. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ17">Large corporations contribute large sums of money to campaigns in order to have their bills passed through congress. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ18">Many regulations are made not to protect the consumer, but to protect big business from competition. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ19">Competition is what makes the market work. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ20">Without competition monopolistic conditions rise that distort the market and further inequality. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ21">We should not fight against calls for equality. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ22">Many of the solutions presented by the current duopoly involve the state. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ23">We should recognize that inequality is caused by crony policies that seek to give an advantage to one business over another. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ24">One large aspect of cronyism was on full display for the economic crash in 2008. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ25">The result of TARP was years of mal-investment was not allowed to be properly liquidated in the marketplace. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ26">The result of TARP was the risk taken on by these firms that caused the crisis was rewarded. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ27">TARP is a major diversion from the free market. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ28">I am in favor of free market policies that allow businesses to fail when they take on too much risk. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ29">I am in favor of free market policies that allow businesses to fail when they function ineffectively. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ30">The federal government should not be in the business of propping up failed firms in the economy. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ31">Policies actually look more like a war on the poor than a war on poverty. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ32">Creating opportunities for all Americans, especially the most marginalized in society, must be a priority. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ33">The focus of policymakers has been on creating a system by which the rich are able to socialize their losses across society. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ34">We must have a strong economy that provides opportunities for Americans from every walk of life, not just the corporate elite. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ35">The disenfranchised in society also rely heavily on government services that often produce more waste than results. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ36">Direct charitable help to the poor should be encouraged. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ37">Liberty is the freedom to work for the life one wants. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ38">In order to create opportunities to tackle poverty, we must foster the environment that allows small businesses to thrive. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ39">Cut down the bureaucracy instituted by many federal agencies that price small businesses out of the market. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ40">The federal government stifles jobs by forcing regulations crafted by the corporate elite. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ41">Regulations crafted by the corporate help large corporations push small businesses out of competition. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ42">Politicians will sell every regulation as protection of the individual, but they protect big corporations. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ43">Regulations protect monopoly like conditions for big corporations. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ44">Crony policies, such as corporate bailouts, contribute to massive inequality within our country. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ45">In addition to bailouts, subsidies pick winners and losers in the economy, distorting the market. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ46">Energy subsidies have an effect on the environment. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ47">Reform crony policies that only serve the small minority of corporate elite at the cost of the working class. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ48">Build a truly free market system in which businesses succeed and fail on their own accord, not by government favors. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ49">Current economic policies do more harm than good exacerbating inequality and choking off innovation and growth. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ50">Truly lift people out of poverty by providing the conditions necessary for a successful economy to thrive. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ51">A truly free market with less government intervention in the marketplace can produce a stronger economy. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ52">A truly free market with less government intervention in the marketplace can produce a more equitable society. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ53">We cannot guarantee equality of result through government intervention. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ54">Provide equality of power to all individuals. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ55">Empower those currently marginalized to produce a better life for themselves and their families. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ56">There is a long history within the US of strong opposition to the establishment of a national bank, and that battle lives on today. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="econ57">If someone doesn\’t qualify for a traditional bank loan, the options are borrow from friends or use predatory loan services. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="econ58">With peer-to-peer lending we can tighten the gap between traditional bank loans and payday loans. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="econ59">Peer-to-peer lending is easily explained: people or organizations can invest money into a lending agency. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="econ60">In peer-to-peer lending, the risks can be spread between individuals who are willing to make the risks. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="econ61">The Iowa state government likes to makes it hard for fantasy football players to pay group dues. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="econ62">The Iowa state government thinks organized betting must be stopped. It\'s nothing but an overreach of government regulation. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<!--education arguments -->
<string name="edu1">Use of "Free" operating systems and software in schools would reduce costs. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="edu2">Use of "Free" software in schools provide students with the opportunity to participate in the software community. \@JimFulner</string>
<string name="edu3">Instead of putting funds toward classroom expenditures, money has been spent to raise the salaries of administrators. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="edu4">For a proper functioning government, education must be a top priority. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<string name="edu5">Ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent on the students. \@ErinAdams4OK</string>
<!-- War arguments -->
<string name="war0">Free trade with all. Entangling alliances with no one.</string>
<string name="war1">War is the health of the state.</string>
<string name="war2">The war on terrorism is a contradiction. War is terrorism.</string>
<string name="war3">Are the 900 of bases the US has around the globe really necessary for national defense? \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war4">The US has been in a constant state of responding to conflicts that don\'t involve U.S. interests \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war5">Escalations continue because of the foreign policy of interventionism. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war6">Interventionism has cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars and the lives of young men and women. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war7">Withdrawal from countries we have been stationed in for decades will save us billions in the DoD budget. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war8">Work with military leaders to determine a strategy to bring our troops home. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war9">Keep the United States out of conflicts where our citizens are not in harms way. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war10">It is time the Department of Defense act in regard to its assignment: that of defense. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war11">I will not send our young men and women into a conflict that isn\'t to defend our nation. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war12">Limit the drone program usage overseas. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war13">I cannot condone the collateral damage drones have caused many people across several nations. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war14">If we have not declared war on a nation, we should not use drones in that nation. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="war15">Our military ventures overseas have not brought us greater liberty or safety. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war16">Our military ventures overseas have bred resentment and hatred of our policy overseas. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war17">Our military ventures overseas have provided a pretext for those in power to chip away at our civil liberties. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war18">Military interventionism is a costly and dangerous heavy hand to use to confront threats to American safety. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war19">Not only is it costly in dollar value, but it is also costly in political capital. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war20">Military spending comprises over half of the federal discretionary spending budget. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war21">Frequently our nation has been criticized for imperialism at home and abroad. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war22">Congress has used the threat of terrorism as an excuse to erode liberty by suspending constitutional rights. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war23">We, as a nation, are weary of costly, prolonged, and fruitless military campaigns overseas. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war24">Our foreign policy is also costly in human lives, and the goodwill of those we claim to be trying to help. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war25">One cannot win the hearts and minds of anyone, friends or foes, while pointing a gun at them. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war26">Military intervention closes the minds of those who may have once welcomed the idea of American aid. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war27">Military intervention fosters the distrust, fear, and anger that terrorism and other violent ideologies thrive on. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war28">The negative sentiment abroad is pushed further with our growing policy of using drones to “selectively target” suspected enemies. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war29">News and social media has been flooded with reports of military drones killing and maiming thousands of civilians \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war30">Civilians killed by drones often had no connection to terrorism. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war31">Violence begets violence. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war32">War is not conducive to creating a more stable, peaceful world wherein everyone can have a greater opportunity to prosper. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war33">I stand behind promoting foreign policy that focuses on compassion and understanding. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war34">Threats to the security of American citizens should not be justification for the wanton use of military intervention. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war35">Reduce our military presence overseas to promote diplomatic solutions. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war36">Reduce our military presence overseas to encourage a positive view of America, globally and domestically. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war37">End reckless drone strikes that have killed many innocent people (i.e. Denver-born child Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki). \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war38">Rebuild the bulwark protecting our freedom that has been torn down by claims of national security. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<string name="war39">I\'m more upset that President Obama plagiarized GWB\'s foreign policy. \@X_Treat</string>
<!-- privacy arguments -->
<string name="privacy1">Repeal the USA Patriot Act in order to preserve our civil liberties and protect our privacy. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy2">Far too often legislation is passed hurriedly, without worrying about the possible implications. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy3">The USA Patriot Act is vast, and vague in scope. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy4">The USA PATRIOT Act is all-encompassing in the power it grants the executive branch and is easily abused. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy5">The USA Patriot Act blatantly contradicting two key amendments in our Bill of Rights. (the 4th and 5th) \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy6">The USA Patriot Act creates a greater risk of the loss of freedom than terrorists pose. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy7">The only measure that can be taken to ensure our liberty is protected is a full repeal of the USA Patriot Act. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy8">We shall not live in fear of any man, most especially our own government. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy9">To ensure the rights of the American people are protected, address issues one at a time. \@CraigBowden2020</string>
<string name="privacy10">For far too long, the power of the state has been used to whittle away freedom and individual liberties. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy11">The power of the state should be used to preserve, protect, and increase the individual liberty of its citizens. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy12">Protecting individual liberty is the first lens I will view every bill, proposal, program, and budget item through. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy13">Every decision I make will ask: Does this option have more potential to increase or decrease personal liberty. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy14">If a bill decreases personal liberty, expect a veto. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy15">If personal liberty is debated, expect an argument. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy16">If an existing law or policy decreases personal liberty, expect a fight to repeal or abolish it. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy17">Make the future one of liberty and freedom for all. \@timothyfrazier</string>
<string name="privacy18">Government exists to protect constitutional rights - not to pick and choose who should have those rights \@GovGaryJohnson \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="privacy19">There will always be anti-gov memes as long as the gov is used as a tool more and more against the liberty of the people. \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="privacy20">Is our state is going along with Federal ID to scan our drivers licenses? \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="privacy21">Now that I\'ve had the new driver’s license, I\'ve had more scans. \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="privacy22">A lady was scanned for alcohol at about 50 years old and I was scanned for Nyquil right behind her at \@WinnDixie. \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="privacy23">Government exists to protect civil liberties - not to pick and choose who should have those rights \@GovGaryJohnson \@Werthertweet</string>
<string name="privacy24">Threats to the security of American citizens should not be justification for the erosion of our civil liberty. \@Stanton4Liberty</string>
<!-- gun arguments -->
<string name="gun0">Gun control laws do the exact opposite of the very thing it is trying to accomplish, to keep people safe! \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="gun1">Gun regulations disarm innocent civilians and do not stop violent criminals from committing atrocities \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="gun2">"Gun Free zones" are nothing more than advertisements for places criminals can go to and commit their crimes. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="gun3">You should have the ability to protect yourself anywhere you go. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="gun4">Repeal all gun control laws and honor the 2nd amendment, so you can protect your family and keep them safe. \@LurieArtie</string>
<string name="gun5">Where\'s the NRA on this deal? This guy was a concealed carry. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="gun6">I believe individuals have the natural right to defend their property, family, and self. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="gun7">A well armed society is a polite society. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="gun8">Taking away the ability for people to defend themselves only creates victims. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<!-- police state arguments -->
<string name="pol0">The militarization of police was made possible ENTIRELY by Congress. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol1">Our neighborhoods are not battlefields and citizens are not the enemy. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol2">The Posse Comitatus Act was created to protect citizens from the federal government\'s domestic use of military power. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol3">Congress side-stepped the Posse Comitatus Act law with the 1033 program. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol4">Military equipment has been flowing from the federal government to local police under the guise of the war on drugs. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol5">Military equipment has been flowing from the federal government to local police expanded to include counter-terrorism. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol6">Without any oversight, local police departments have become militarized using hyper-aggressive tools and tactics. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol7">Local police departments have become militarized using hyper-aggressive tools and tactics that have escalated risk \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol8">Local police departments have become militarized using hyper-aggressive tools and tactics that have lead to violent outcomes. \@haydentiff</string>
<string name="pol9">The federal government has given them all those armaments. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="pol10">I pulled up next to this big black thing, looked like something you\'d see in Iraq, and it said MN Highway Patrol. \@GovJVentura</string>
<string name="pol11"> I foresee a lot of this building up to a martial law situation. \@GovJVentura</string>
<!-- free speech -->
<string name="spe0">Free speech does not mean that people shall be excused from the consequences from such speech. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="spe1">It is the right of every individual to be able to say what they want. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="spe2">If you disagree with my opinions, by all means tell me. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>
<string name="spe3">The First Amendment wasn’t written to protect people saying uncontroversial things. \@JohnEvans4Iowa</string>