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Getting started

So, we're using a few build tools in this project. I'm still learing these myself.

First things first, download node.js. Either apt-get install it or download at

I've told git to ignore all the 3rd party libs and tools. We each install our own copies (not a big deal).

In terminal (or command line), navigate to the client/ directory*.

To download node modules (locally), run:

node install

You will also have to download js and css libs for the frontend. Run the custom script:

node run bower

Alternately, if you have bower installed run:

bower install

For Angular to work properly, you need to run it on a server. I have a mock backend set up, but you need to add a file for the database. Mac users run the following command (Windows users, you're on your own):

echo "{ \"users\": [] }" > mock/db.json

Run the mock server with:

node run start

You can now visit the web page at: http://localhost:8080/ You can also see the contents of the "database" at: http://localhost:8080/db

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