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Codership Oy

This is Galera replication - Codership's implementation of the write set 
replication (wsrep) interface (
The software and  other files in this directory unless otherwise noted
are distributed under GPLv2, see COPYING for details.

BUILDING - general

Build Requirements:
* Scons build system
* Check unit test library
* Boost devel package
* OpenSSL devel package

* Asio C++ library devel package (

To compile, in Galera root directory do either:
 $ scons
(default optimized build)
 $ ./scripts/
(see ./scripts/ --help for information on options)

To build MySQL/Galera demo distribution, clone into some directory (hereafter 
<MYSQL_DIR>) and run build script from this directory (hereafter <GALERA_DIR>):

 $ cd <MYSQL_DIR>
 $ git clone --single-branch --branch 5.6 \
 $ cd <GALERA_DIR>
 $ MYSQL_SRC=<MYSQL_DIR>/mysql-wsrep ./scripts/mysql/ -b -s -o -t

After successful build, demo package can be found under scripts/mysql.

BUILDING on Ubuntu 16.04

 1) apt-get install libasio-dev check scons libboost-program-options-dev \
       libboost-dev  libssl-dev

Then proceed as described above.


CentOS/RHEL by default uses a very old version of GCC and a likewise ancient
version of BOOST that lacks important features. In order to build Galera on
CentOS/RHEL one needs to:

 1) Install gcc44 and gcc44-c++ packages and set CC and CXX variables
    # yum install gcc44 gcc44-c++
    # export CC=gcc44
    # export CXX=g++44
 2) Remove standard boost and boost-devel packages (if present)
 3) Install boost141-devel package:
    # yum install boost141-devel
 4) Make link from /usr/include/boost to /usr/include/boost141:
    # cd /usr/include
    # ln -sf boost141/boost boost
 5) Install scons check-devel openssl-devel
    # yum install scons check-devel openssl-devel

Then proceed as described above.

For more information, see:
* Codership mailing list:
* Codership home page: