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Upload your create-react-app templates to codesandbox with a single command 🏖️

Build Status

This is the command line interface for CodeSandbox, an online editor tailored for web applications.


You can install the cli by running

# Install the cli
npm i -g codesandbox

# Go to your `create-react-app` project
cd <path of your project>

# Deploy your project to CodeSandbox
codesandbox ./

Future features

  • Upload public assets to CodeSandbox
  • Add more supported templates
  • Create a live connection with CodeSandbox using websockets so you can use your local editor

Current limitations

  • You need to be signed in to deploy, this is to prevent abuse
  • You can only deploy create-react-app templates


I took a lot of inspiration from now-cli and preact-cli while building this.