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Commits on Jan 20, 2019
  1. CoffeeScript support for vue-cli and parcel templates (#1467)

    shreeve authored and CompuIves committed Jan 20, 2019
    * CoffeeScript support for vue-cli template
    This is based off the work done by @zephraph on #443 and is not quite yet working.
    * match syntax
    * Update icons.js
    * match syntax
    * invoke babel from the preset, not from the coffeescript compiler
    * use more consistent syntax
    * use babel as the last stage of <style lang="coffee"> blocks in .vue files
    * doesn't seem to work here, I had to add a postLoader for coffee
    * move coffeescript transpiler higher up the food chain
    * simpler coffeescript -> babel -> js transpilation
    * add to contributors file
    * re-enable the babel transpiler after coffeescript
    * doesn't seem like this is needed?
    * add coffeescript support to parcel
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