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-Ruby OpenID Consumer
+=OpenID Consumer
-Author: Janrain, Inc - Brian Ellin -
-Copyright: 2005, Janrain, In
-License: LGPL
+A Ruby library for verifying OpenID identities.
-This OpenID consumer library is a port of the consumer functionality
-of the Python-OpenID library -
+This library is a port of the Python OpenID library's consumer functionality. See for more info on the Python library.
+* Easy to use interface (OpenID::OpenIDConsumer)
+* Does not depend on underlying web framework
+* Supports multiple storage mechanisms (Filesystem, SQL)
+* Example code to help you get started
+* Test suite
+==Getting Started
Please read the INSTALL file, and then have a look at the examples
directory. A fully functional example using Ruby's WEBrick HTTP
server library is available. I encorage you to run the example, and
have a look at the code.
The library is well documented. To get started, have a look at the
-example source code(examples/consumer.rb) and lib/openid/consumer.rb.
-To run the test suite, make sure the library is installed, use the
-runtests script in the test directory.
+example source code(examples/consumer.rb) and OpenID::OpenIDConsumer.
The library and dependancies have been tested using Ruby 1.8 only,
though it may work with earlier versions.
+Copyright 2005, Janrain, Inc.
+Contact Brian Ellin: brian -at- janrain -dot- com
+LGPL. For more information see the COPYING file.

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