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Demo app for the JasmineCoffee CodeTV screencast

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The client-side of your application deserves some tests too. In this episode we'll look at how to use the Jasmine testing framework with CoffeeScript inside of Rails.


gemfile add

group :development, :test do
  gem 'evergreen', require:'evergreen/rails'

run bundle to install

$ bundle

see new evergreen rake command

$ rake -T spec

Run JavaScript specs via Evergreen

$ rake spec:javascripts

Create folder for tests

$ mkdir -p spec/javascripts
$ touch spec/javascripts/

Add this to

describe 'A Calculator', ->
  it 'should add two numbers', ->
  result = myApp.Calculator.add(2,3)

Run test again

$ rake spec:javascripts

Start evergreen server

$ evergreen serve

Add to spec/javascripts/

myApp = {}
myApp.Calculator = {
  add: (a,b) -> a + b

Setup guitar app and Tests

In order to setup the app locally, first run bundle to install dependencies. Then, run bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate db:test:prepare to setup you database. To run the test suite including Jasmine specs, run bundle exec rake.

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