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My ANS FORTH consistent version of jonesforth

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My ANS Forth consistent version of Richard W.M. Jones' jonesforth.

The goal is not to implement an ANS Forth, not even to implement
all the core words of ANS Forth.

The goal is to remove/reimplment the inconsistent part of jonesforth,
to keep jonesforth's minimalism and to pave the way for others who want
to implement ANS Forth based on jonesforth. ANS Forth should be a
natural extension of jonesforth.

See the non-standard core words section in TODO to know what will be
fixed and what are already fixed.

Part of the work is based on Richard Russel's bb4wforth.

Richard W.M. Jones' jonesforth git repository:

The source code of bb4wforth:
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