Animated Android and iOS multiline/line/scatterPoint chart based on d3.js 🀘😎🀘
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Android and iOS multiline/line/scatterPoint chart based on d3.js

Getting Started

  • Step 1- npm install react-native-d3multiline-chart --save or yarn add react-native-d3multiline-chart --save
  • Step 2- react-native link react-native-svg
  • Step 3- Build the project and watch the beauty.

Try the example app

Usage Note: In case of any misunderstanding please go through the example.

import { MultiLineChart } from 'react-native-d3multiline-chart'
//default data is available 
var data =[ [{
"y": "202",
"x": 2000
}, {
    "y": "215",
    "x": 2001
}, {
    "y": "179",
    "x": 2002
}, {
    "y": "199",
    "x": 2003
}, {
    "y": "134",
    "x": 2003
}, {
    "y": "176",
    "x": 2010
    "y": "152",
    "x": 2000
}, {
    "y": "189",
    "x": 2002
}, {
    "y": "179",
    "x": 2004
}, {
    "y": "199",
    "x": 2006
}, {
    "y": "134",
    "x": 2008
}, {
    "y": "176",
    "x": 2010
//default data is available 
let leftAxisData = [
//default data is available 
let bottomAxisData = [
let legendColor = ['#00b7d4','red']
let legendText = ['sales','year']
let minX= 2000, maxX= 2010
let minY= 134, maxY= 215

//since there are only two lines
var Color = ['#00b7d4','red']

render() {
    return (
     <View style={styles.container}>
       <MultiLineChart data= {data} leftAxisData= {leftAxisData} bottomAxisData= {bottomAxisData} legendColor= {legendColor}
        legendText= {legendText} minX= {minX} maxX= {maxX} minY= {minY} maxY= {maxY} scatterPlotEnable= {false}   dataPointsVisible= {true} Color= {Color} />


  • Add line graph,multiline graph and scatter point graph (by enabling scatterPlotEnable)

  • Desired color to the lines as well as the data points, data points are apperaring at perfect positions with perfect fill color and highlight of radius is working fine, these functionality is not appropriately provided by react-native-charts and react-native-pathjs-charts

  • Legends are available in the chart, this is the missing feature in react-native-charts and react-native-pathjs-charts.

  • enhancement is added in this library.


Name Type
data PropTypes.array
leftAxisData propTypes.array
bottomAxisData propTypes.array
leftAxisDataToShow propTypes.array
bottomAxisDataToShow propTypes.array
legendColor propTypes.array
legendText propTypes.array
minX propTypes.number
minY propTypes.number
maxX propTypes.number
maxY propTypes.number
scatterPlotEnable propTypes.bool
dataPointsVisible propTypes.bool
hideAxis propTypes.bool
hideXAxisLabels propTypes.bool
hideYAxisLabels propTypes.bool
showLegends propTypes.bool
axisColor propTypes.string
axisLabelColor propTypes.string
axisLineWidth propTypes.number
chartFontSize propTypes.number
Color propTypes.array
chartHeight propTypes.number
chartWidth propTypes.number
tickColorXAxis propTypes.string
tickColorYAxis propTypes.string
tickWidthXAxis propTypes.number
tickWidthYAxis propTypes.number
lineWidth propTypes.number
circleRadiusWidth propTypes.number
circleRadius propTypes.number
showTicks propTypes.bool
legendStyle propTypes.object
showDashedLine propTypes.bool
lineStrokeDashArray propTypes.array
lineStrokeOpacity propTypes.number
GraphWidth propTypes.number
GraphHeight propTypes.number
pointDataToShowOnGraph propTypes.string
circleLegendType propTypes.bool
fillArea propTypes.bool
yAxisGrid propTypes.bool
xAxisGrid propTypes.bool
hideXAxis propTypes.bool
hideYAxis propTypes.bool
inclindTick propTypes.bool
animation propTypes.bool
duration propTypes.number
delay propTypes.number
staggerLength propTypes.number
speed propTypes.number

Todo list:-

  • Add animation to the graph

  • Implement draw line animation - Check (Thanks Waheguruji πŸ™)

  • Add Stagger animation in data points - Check

  • Add test

  • Add custom legend - Check (Two kind of legend available, circle and rectangle)


Anoop Singh (codesingh)
Stack Overflow: codesingh(username)