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Dockerfile for gogs server(a self-hosted git service).

This repo have been combined into in 2015-08-17.

Since the offcial repo got too many issues. Issue about docker gogs can still submit here.


docker pull gogs/gogs

mkdir -p /var/gogs
docker run --name=gogs -d -p 10022:22 -p 10080:3000 -v /var/gogs:/data gogs/gogs

More details can be found in

Link with mysql

mysql is from

Alert. Not tested. For my machine got too low memory, and canot run mysql.

If you are interested to test. Pull request are welcome. pr to branch: develop

First start an mysql instance

docker pull mysql
docker run --name gogs-mysql -e MYSQL_DATABASE=gogs -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=abcd -d mysql

Then run gogs

mkdir -p /var/gogs
docker run --rm -ti --name gogs --link gogs-mysql:mysql -p 10022:22 -p 10080:3000 -v /var/gogs:/data codeskyblue/docker-gogs

Good luck.