@codeskyblue codeskyblue released this Jan 11, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

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95eb727 fix wrong addr
2d3c0e9 support share in local
aba82cf add fa share support
8a1798f add some docs
e09adf4 add more code to fa share
d48255d run one shell now supported
094a2f6 add more code to fa share
36bcfbf add share command
aef5001 add RunCommand support
fc6e098 support Stat
93f59d0 add more to sync
6a6f398 try to implement stat
5b53d75 add more command
4df063d fix version test
01f76ed add client.go in adb dir
2486367 add tunnel example
98863c2 add get-serialno
65dedf1 on 1.0.40 adb connect always say authentication error
89d8210 now support send packet
fdb319e add token
857d1bb add watch, but not complemented
624ee4c fix screencap error on smartision