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Deprecated!!! Process managerment writtern by golang, inspired by python-supervisor
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Build Status

中文README 不是很全,能看懂英文的还是尽量看英文

current is in beta

Process management writtern by golang, inspired by python-supervisor

So why write another supervisor?

I have been using python-supervisor for many years and there are something uncomfortable feelings.

  1. Log can't contains ANSI color chars
  2. The configuration file can add on the web, often forgot some settings.
  3. supervisorctl reload will cause supervisord restarted
  4. Hard to set status change to fatal notifications.
  5. No process performance monitor page.
  6. Program starts with no common environ, eg, missing HOME and USER variable
  7. Kill process default is not group kill which make sub process still running.
  8. More... will added when I think of it.


  • Web control page

  • HTTP Basic auth

  • Github webhook

  • Single log page, include search support

  • 中文文档


Go version at least 1.6+



The fastest way is run with. Default install location is /usr/local/bin, change env-var BINDIR will also change install location.

curl | bash

Or just download binaries

Thanks to goreleaser which makes publish binaries automaticly.

Build from source

go get -d
cd $GOPATH/src/
go generate # package html resources into go
go build -tags vfs

Quick start

After you installed gosuv, the first thing is to start server.

gosuv start-server

Basic operations

$ gosuv status
test                    running
test_again              stopped

$ gosuv stop test
$ gosuv start test

Open web http://localhost:11313 to see the manager page. And follow the gif to add a program to gosuv.

gosuv web


Default config file stored in directory $HOME/.gosuv/, Set env-var GOSUV_HOME_DIR can change config file store directory.

  • file programs.yml contains all program settings.
  • file config.yml contains server config

File config.yml can be generated by gosuv conftest

Example config.yaml

    enabled: true
    username: admin
    password: admin
  addr: :8083
  master: ""
    - secret: c1b8032******************aa736a
      - "153********"
  server_url: http://admin:admin@localhost:8083

master 的支持来自 Logs can be found in $HOME/.gosuv/log/

Edit config file(default located in $HOME/.gosuv/programs.yml) and run gosuv reload will take effect immediately.


HTTP is follow the RESTFul guide.

Get or Update program

<GET|PUT> /api/programs/:name

Add new program

POST /api/programs

Del program

DELETE /api/programs/:name


Only 4 states. ref



Configuration example

- demo-program:
  command: ...
      api_key: [token]
      - [user1]
      - [user2]

Now only support pushover, and only status change to fatal will get notified.

Integrate with github (todo)

This is feature that will helps update your deployment environment once your updated in the github.

This part is set in the programs.yml, take look the example

- demo-program:
  command: python
  directory: /opt/demo
      secret: 123456
      command: git pull origin master




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