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Intro to Code: Lesson 09

The CEO of Pointless Industries has developed what is sure to be the next billion-dollar product on the Internet. Think about it - what is the problem with every music player you've ever used?

Answer: They're noisy! Your only options are to wear uncomfortable - possibly even unstylish - headphones or earbuds, or just not use your music player at all.

The Solution: The Silent Song Player! Load all of your favorite music, but instead of playing your songs, the SSP will simply display information about them, and you can just think about your song. Even better, a loophole in copyright law allows us to provide this amazing service while paying ZERO royalties! Hope your stock options have vested!

Our designers have been hard at work preparing a slick UX for the SSP. All that's needed now is for you to make it work!


Follow the steps below to complete this lesson.

Clone this repository

git clone

Make sure you can open ssp/index.html in your favorite browser.

Create a playlist of songs

  • Songs should be stored as JavaScript objects.
  • The playlist should be an array of songs.

You'll want to manually create the songs, as we are not using a database with pre-existing values.

Enable the "Play" button

Playing a song should display the relevant title, artist, and album information in a well-designed manner that is easy to read.

PRO TIP: There are some pre-existing CSS styles to help with this. Try displaying titles within h2 elements, and everything else within h3 elements.

Enable the "Last" and "Next" buttons

These buttons should play the previous or next song in the playlist.

Enable the "Shuffle" button

  • When this button is clicked, it should toggle between on and off modes:
    • ON: It should be green, and display the text Shuffle Mode On.
    • OFF: The button should be orange, and display the text Shuffle Mode Off.

      PRO TIP: Use the built-in CSS classes btn-success and btn-primary for the different modes.

  • When Shuffle Mode is on, the "next" song should be a random song from the playlist. Search the web for how to implement the Fisher-Yates Shuffle (also known as the Knuth Shuffle) in JavaScript. The last song should still display the previous song played.
  • When shuffle mode is off, the playlist should play in order.

Enable adding songs from the page

Users want to be able to add songs to the playlist dynamically. Let's make that happen!

Good luck! We're all counting on you!