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This project contains all of the CodeSmith Generator sample templates and projects. We have created this project so that the CodeSmith Generator community can always have access to the latest updates as well as contribute patches and samples.

CodeSmith Tools Website

Project Templates

  • PLINQO - PLINQO - Supercharged LINQ to SQL
  • PLINQO EF - PLINQO EF - PLINQO for Entity Framework
  • CodeSmith Generator CSLA Templates - CSLA Templates supporting the latest CSLA.NET framework.
  • NHibernate - NHibernate Templates supporting the latest NHibernate framework.
  • Stored Procedures - Generate stored procedures from database schema.
  • DBDocumenter - Create an HTML document of your database.
  • Many more...

Other CodeSmith Templates

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