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Circle CI


GitHub-based technical blogging platform. This repository includes the entire codebase of the website at


We use a couple of gulp tasks:

gulp integrate: see workflow instructions

gulp: test and lint code

gulp watch: run browsersync and watch client folders to compile

gulp build: manually build...the build folder


Unit tests are needed for this website. This is our current priority.

To run end-to-end Protractor tests:

  1. npm install -g protractor

  2. webdriver-manager update

  3. webdriver-manager start

  4. gulp protractor


A couple of commands to get you started:

  1. npm install -g bower

  2. npm install -g gulp

  3. npm install

  4. bower update && bower install

  5. gulp watch

Requests for app-specific secrets or questions about setting up dev environment can be directed to, though we have a placeholder env file here. If you are cool, we'd like your help.

See for contribution guidelines.

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