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Gemini Rue vents puzzle solver

there's that awesome game: Gemini Rue (, and it contains that easy puzzle. But I'm lazy, stupid, and bored, so I git init...


there are 10 vents vents are connected as follows

1 - 2 - 3
| / |   |
4   5 - 6
|   | / |
7 - 8   9

initially all vents are off.

toggling power on vent toggles power on each connected vent.

solution should have a power line between vent 10 and 3,

but only five vents should be on at maximum



it just tries random moves.

funny enough, it was sufficient! try to beat THAT:

~/src/rue> script/random_solver.rb
when you lose patience press control+C
found solution in 4 moves (try #1)
^Csolution found:
8 0 2 4
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