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Open index.html in your favourite browser and you are good to go.


  • Enter your code in the text area provided and click on Load Program to load the program in the buffer.

  • Click on Next Step to run the code line by line

  • Click on Run Till End to run the program till the end or till halt appears

  • To load any of the sample programs , click on one among P1 , P2 or P3 on top right

  • The value of all registers can be seen on the left side. The list is updated after execution of each instruction.

About the files

  • samplePrograms.js contains the 3 sample MIPS code

  • instructionFunctions.js contains the implementation of the individual MIPS instructions

  • loaders.js contains the code for parsing the MIPS code and running the parsed code

  • middlewares.js contains the intermediate functions that will be used in loaders.js and instructionFunctions.js