Library to interact with Vita's USB MTP protocol
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What is this?

libvitamtp is a library based off of libMTP that does low level USB communications with the Vita. It can read and receive MTP commands that the Vita sends, which are a proprietary set of commands that is based on the MTP open standard.

What is working?

As of the writing of this, the sending of Vita/PSX/PSP/PSM applications to and from the device works. Sending/receiving of PSP saves also work. Backups and restoring backups also work. However, edge cases have not been tested, and if you run into errors, please report it to the GitHub issues page.

What needs work?

The major things that are not done yet are 1) media transfers (videos, music, and photos), 2) edge cases like "what happens if a file is deleted on the computer while it is being transfered?" and 3) testing libvitamtp on multiple configurations, hosts, and computers. For the last two, the help of beta testers is requested.

How do I use/test libvitamtp?

Issues Page:

First try to compile it using the directions in INSTALL, if the process fails post the output into the GitHub issues page.

First, note that libVitaMTP is designed with developers in mind. Users should stick to QCMA. Full documentation on the interface will be provided in the future, but for now, read the interface in vitamtp.h and the function headers in vitamtp.c to figure out how functions work and what you can do. OpenCMA has been designed with simplicity in mind so there is no harm in reading the code and comments for opencma.c and related files. Your implementation should be very similar if you wish to replicate CMA functionality.

Build Dependencies

  • libtool
  • automake
  • gettext


Yifan Lu has been responsible for this abomination of code

dridri also takes some blame for his help in figuring out many structures and codes