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octoflow - yet another octopress theme

Feel free to use the theme, fork it, etc. I would prefer that you don't steal it outright, however, if that's necessary for you, go for it. I welcome any and all dialogue:


  • minimal design with some nice basic js/css animations to add that bit of pizzaz to your blog
  • basic responsive design
  • custom endless pagination for the blog root page
  • Google Analytics
  • Disqus comments
  • Google code prettify with Github theme


Check out for an example of customization -- The only variables I've changed are under /* Minimal Theme */ in the _variables.scss file.

Hit the 'change' button in the footer to check out octoflow's default minimal pattern.


Installation is pretty standard... Execute the following from your Octopress root directory:

git clone .themes/octoflow
rake install['octoflow']
rake generate


I got rid of most of the 3rd-party functionality included in the default Octopress theme. I kept the Google Analytics stuff, and added my own custom Disqus solution. These can be enabled by setting the appropriate fields in _config.yml:

# Disqus Comments

# Google Analytics
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