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A script for making an archive of a Livejournal Inbox.
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LJInboxArchive is a perl script for making an archive of a Livejournal Inbox. Its only programmatic dependency is wget. It outputs a working, navigable stand-alone local website (HTML files and their js, css, and image dependencies) of your Livejournal Inbox. It works even if you haven't accepted the new LJ ToS.


• perl (tested against v5.10.0 and v5.10.1)
• wget (tested against v1.11.4 and v1.12)
• a cookie file that wget can read ("Netscape-style") that has your authenticated LJ cookies (instructions below.)


  1. Make a directory in which your want your archive to go. cd into it.

  2. Download this script; put it someplace convenient, like into your archive directory; and make it executable (chmod u+x

  3. Come up with your cookie file (instructions below). Name it "authenticatedcookies.txt". Put it in your archive directory (required).

  4. In your directory for the archive, invoke the script: ./

  5. After it has completed, open a web browser. Use the File Open method to open your new directory; you will get a directory listing with a bunch of stuff in it. Click on index.html to get to the main page of your archive.

Making a Cookie File

The most efficient way I know to make a wget-compatible cookie file is to use a browser add-on for the job. I'm partial to the "Export Cookies" add-on to Firefox, and mdlbear at dreamwidth recommends the "cookie.txt export" add-on for Chrome. Once you have your browser with the appropriate add-on installed, you can log in to LJ as usual, and once logged in – it's okay if the ToS pop-up is there, just ignore it and don't click anything in the window – use the add-on to export the cookies (in Firefox, the Tools menu > "Export Cookies..." to save them to a file; in Chrome, click the toolbar button and the cut-and-paste the cookies into a text file).

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