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Kaixo! 👋 Ongi etorri CodeSyntaxen GitHub kontura!

CodeSyntaxen Python eta JavaScriptekin (gehienetan Reactekin) egin dugu lan Plone eta Volto; Django; eta Ionic eta Capacitor bezalako tresnak erabiliz.

Kontu honetan guk egindako hainbat produktu edo liburutegi txiki aurkituko dituzu. Ea zure interesekoak diren!

Hemen aurkituko dituzunetaz gain, gure garatzaileek Plone, Volto eta beste hainbat produkturen garapenean ere hartzen dute parte.

Ezagutu gaitzazu hobeto gure webgunean!

Hi! 👋 Welcome to CodeSyntax's GitHub page!

We are based in Eibar, Basque Country and we mainly work with Python and JavaScript (lately React), using Plone and Volto; Django; and Ionic and Capacitor

In this account you will find some of our works and libraries.

You can also find our developers contributing to Plone or Volto or to a wider range of add-ons and libraries.

Visit our website to know more about us!


  1. Useful mr.bob templates (with plonecli support) for Plone development

    Smarty 1

  2. Receive alerts from your cabot instance using Telegram

    Python 4 8

  3. Multilingual flatpages for django

    Python 6 1

  4. Create content based on the content of a language. Usefull when handling multilingual sites to create the full site structure in anothre language.

    Python 1

  5. This package is a user friendly web component to share in mastodon.

    TypeScript 2

  6. Volto addon to add an additional variation to the default listing block with advanced features

    JavaScript 4 1


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