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twhst provides an easy way to store tweet from Twitter using it's search api (URL). In order to store tweets, they must have and hashtag, and complain with a ruleset defined for the type of this hashtag.

It also builds a dictionary with the stored statuses. Every hash type has its own dictionary build rules.

Available rulesets

  • include_all : allways return True
  • url: True if status has an url
  • no_url: not(url)
  • rt: True id status is a retweet
  • no_rt: not(rt)
  • picture: True if status has an picture
  • no_picture: not(picture)
  • mentiton: True if someone is mentioned in the status
  • no_mention: not(mention)
  • definition: True if colon is find in the status
  • brackets: True if there are 2 brackets in status
  • starts_with_hash: True if status starts with #


pip install twhst

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