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NodesHost aims to easily display information about cryptocurrency wallets. This MEAN application can be used for keeping track of personal nodes or be used as a platform to sell node services to others through the API.


  • Support for most types of standard cryptocurrency wallets
  • Material Design using Angualar Material
  • Lists relevant information about each coin, such as links, logo, and abbreviation
  • Nodes display connected peers and details about themselves
  • Relies on REST API


This setup was done with a server running Ubuntu 16.04LTS.

  1. Clone the repository and enter into it.
  2. Copy config.sample.js to config.js and enter your settings.
  3. Install the relevant linux packages: apt get nodejs npm.
  4. Install all the required node dependencies by npm install.
  5. Run the server by typing npm start in a separate screen.
  6. Navigate to localhost:3000 in your web browser and click Purchase.
  7. Fill out the form. Using the PUT IP REST API call, update the IP address with the server running the wallet.
  8. Start the wallet on your server running the wallet, typically ./daemond start (can be the same server running NodesHost).
  9. Configure the server by placing the following files in /var/www/html and adding the cron jobs listed below by crontab -e. Install the following dependencies: php5 apache2 libapache2-mod-php5.

Code Snippets

These files should be placed on the server running the cryptocurrency wallet. Replace all variables with ones pertinent to the intended use case.


Redirects user to the node management site. ABBRV is the coin abbreviation.

    <META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=http://localhost:3000/#/nodes/ABBRV/">
      <p>If you are not directly redirected in 5 seconds, please click <a href="http://localhost:3000/">here</a>.</p>

Contains status about cryptocurrency wallet. Replace walletrpc, port, and password with appropriate values.

$name = "PROC5";
//Gets wallet information from current server and encodes it into JSON readable format
require_once 'jsonRPCClient.php';

$config = array(
  "rpcport" => port,
  "user" => "walletrpc",
  "password" => "password"

$url = "http://{$config['user']}:{$config['password']}@${config['rpcport']}/";
$client = new jsonRPCClient($url);

$getinfo = $client->getinfo();
$getpeerinfo = $client->getpeerinfo();

$info = array(
  'name' => $name,
  'general' => $getinfo,
  'peerinfo' => $getpeerinfo


Allows PHP to access cryptocurrency wallet. Can be found here.

Cron Jobs

These help reduce performance loss by restarting the wallet every day. Server reboot is optional. Replace user, wallet, and daemond variables.

 0 0 * * * /user/wallet/src/daemond stop
 1 0 * * * apt-get update;apt-get upgrade -y
 # 8 0 * * * sudo -S reboot
 10 0 * * * /user/wallet/src/daemond &


Main website for node management.



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