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Code Thesaurus

Website to help you learn a new language from a language you already know

Code Thesaurus

Code Thesaurus is a polyglot developer reference tool you can use for learning a new language, seeing cheat sheets on how to do things, and more! You can use it to compare two programming languages side-by-side, like one you know and one you don't. The idea is rather than having to parse a ton of documentation on a language, you can compare something you don't know to something you do, which will let you quickly figure out not just what to do but help you learn it as well. It's kind of like language immersion but for programming languages.

Code Thesaurus now has over 100 contributors, over 250 pull requests, and 20 languages contributed so far!

About the Repositories

  • codethesaurus/ is the main website repository. It's written in Python and Django. The thesauruses are also contained in this repo in the /web/thesauruses directory and are JSON data files for every programming language.
  • codethesaurus/docs is the documentation site. It's all Markdown files that are built into the site using Mkdocs.

About the Maintainer

@geekygirlsarah is a polyglot developer located in the Pittsburgh area. She's worked a wide variety of developer jobs building desktop, mobile, web, and server applications in several fields.


Code Thesaurus was an idea developed in 2015 to compare any two languages side-by-side. In 2017, Sarah started building out a wireframe site for Hacktoberfest. In 2018, she built more of it along with a CI/CD pipeline. In 2019, she scrapped the overly-complicated wireframe and replaced it with the simpler Django site that is available today.


  1. A polyglot developer reference tool to compare programming language concepts side-by-side! Great for learning new languages or using for reference.

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  2. docs Public

    The documentation for all things Code Thesaurus!

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