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Welcome to the Code Thesaurus documentation!

What is Code Thesaurus?

It is a polyglot developer reference tool originally created to help you compare a language you know with one you don't. The main purpose is to be a quick and easy reference tool to help people that use a lot of programming languages and have to context switch a lot. It also allows you to pick up how to use a new programming language fast without needing to read documentation.

What is this repository?

This is the collection of documentation for Code Thesaurus, located at

Learn more by reading over the project details on the docs themselves!

How do I install and run this repo?

You can find the directions to run with Docker or to run manually on the docs site.

Is this project available for Hacktoberfest contributions?

Yes! The Code Thesaurus code and documentation projects are both enabled for Hacktoberfest contributions.

How can I help?

This project values open source contributors, both to the main project and to the documentation! We'd love to have your help.

  • Start with our Contribution Guidelines
  • Look through the repo for issues or bugs
  • Add any missing information on the main site
  • Correct any incorrect information on the main site or the documentation
  • Help think through the future of what Code Thesaurus could be
  • Find more developers of any experience level and background to help contribute!