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ETHSBell Rewrite


This is a rewrite of ETHSBell in Rust. It features...

  • Restored support for arbitrary dates and times.
  • A strongly typed API with stability guarantees.
    • Behavior under /api won't have any breaking changes, ever.
      • *Unless we're still in development, in which case all bets are off...
    • The two most recent API versions will be present.
  • Many endpoints for different purposes.
    • GET /api/v1/schedule returns the whole runtime schedule struct for local use.
    • GET /api/v1/today returns today's schedule.
    • GET /api/v1/today/now returns the current period.
    • GET /api/v1/today/at returns the period for an arbitrary time of day formatted like HH:MM:SS.
    • GET /api/v1/on/<date> returns the schedule for an arbitrary date formatted like YYYY-MM-DD.
      • GET /api/v1/on/<date>/at/<time> returns the period for an arbitrary date and time formatted like YYYY-MM-DD and HH:MM:SS.
        • In-memory caching.
    • You can expect 3-4MB of memory usage when idle.
  • Stateless design.
  • Runtime-less deployment.
  • Native performance.
  • Rust library for client-side processing.

Psst! If you're feeling really crafty, you could even self-host this and use it to structure your free time! For example, you could add an extra "class period" and designate it as homework time.


See CONTRIBUTING for contribution guidelines.

Follow the instructions in DEVELOPING to set up a development environment.


x86 with Docker

You can deploy the software with a Compose file like this.

version: "3.7"

  restart: unless-stopped
  init: true
    - 8000:8000
   - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
   - "./advisory.html:/app/frontend-dist/advisory.html"
   - type: bind
     source: ./def.json
     target: /app/def.json
       nocopy: true

Non-x86 or without Docker

You can deploy the software by building it from source like this.

git clone
cd ethsbell-rewrite
cargo build
# The resulting binary will be placed at ./target/release/ethsbell-rewrite

Known Issues

  • On some (non-Safari) Webkit-based browsers, using the zoom feature causes the progress wheels to render incorrectly. Browsers based on Blink and Gecko do not have this issue, and the small market share of these malfunctioning browsers means this issue is unlikely to be fixed.
  • Time zones aren't handled correctly right now. If you're in a different time zone (or your browser is reporting a different time zone) you may experience issues using the service, including incorrect schedules and nonsensical (often negative) displayed durations. If you're having issues like these, please make sure your computer is set to Chicago time and your browser isn't hiding your time zone (Firefox's privacy.resistFingerprinting flag is known to cause this).

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