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a Rosetta-stone project for various types of Java build tools

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Status: in progress

*** Introduction

Easter's Eggs for build tools 

This does not refer to the secret-codes/tricks in video games! 

Define an 'egg' to be a foothold example that helps you understand and learn. 

I like to keep examples/eggs around for reference, and wanted to share with the world. 

*** Requirements

-- assumes Java 5+ is available
-- assumes Ant 1.7 is available
-- depending on your interest, you will need 
    - Maven
    - Ivy
    - Gant / Groovy
    - Gradle / Groovy 

*** Subprojects

-- 'simple' is a basic project structure with a Pojo, a Hibernate mapping,
and an integration test

-- TODO: other projects are in the works
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