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implementation of Lambda Lounge's Vending Machine, using Groovy in a Java-esque way
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*** Introduction

This is an example for the Vending Machine, as highlighted by the Lambda Lounge.

This example uses Groovy, but in a fairly straight-up, Java-esque way. e.g. each action is an object
This is not a hardcore MOP example. However it does use Expando (sparingly) and the elegant closure iterations.

The main difference from Java is the evaluation of strings as code. 

e.g. The following:

[ N:'A', P:'65', C:'10' ] is a bona fide Groovy map.

*** Requirements

-- assumes Java 5+ is available
-- assumes Groovy and Gant are available

*** Deviations from spec

-- the only input is a file, though this file allows assertions
-- there is no output per se

*** Themes

-- the input lines contain lists and maps that are evaluated by Groovy: only actions are parsed by the example
-- the input can contain assertions of state. extremely useful
-- in theory, a set of input files could be used against other implementations to see if the examples match
-- MoneyState is immutable, and intended to allow the developer to visualize "slots" 
   e.g. new MoneyState(1,2,3,4) is 1 dollar, 2 quarters, 3 dimes, and 4 nickels

*** lessons learned

-- testing is essential here
-- you really have to trust the tests (see above). they become intrinsic to the experience
-- very old idea, but evaluating data as code is extremely powerful
-- it takes time to set up Gant, JUnit, etc, for the first time, but vital
-- READ the error output carefully. I often make faulty assumptions about where a problem is, and waste time.
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