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Minimal example for RICOH THETA plug-in using theta4j library by Shiro.
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theta4j plug-in minimal Java example

This is a minimal plug-in example of using Shiro's theta4j library for the RICOH THETA.

It is intended for people that like to learn from the smallest possible piece of Java code. In the spirit of a really small "Hello, World" type of application, this example does not use the RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK.

If you start from a new empty activity, you need to adjust the gradle build files and the AndroidManifest.xml for permissions.

If you prefer Kotlin, Shiro has an example.

To keep the Master git branch simple, the demo is divided into multiple branches. After you clone the repository, use git branch -a to see all the branches. Then checkout a branch with git checkout options.

git screenshot

HTTP Response from Camera

The response branch shows how to get the camera HTTP response from the WebAPI command. It shows how to receive the URI for the last picture taken.

Get and Set Camera Options

The options branch shows to to get and set camera settings. ISO, exposure compensation, capture mode.

Audio and Visual Indicators of Camera Status

The indicators branch shows use of a camera beep and magenta LED to show the start of a multi-picture loop.

Display Last File to Vysor, Getting URL and Path

The response-vysor branch displays the last file taken to the virtual THETA screen using Vysor. It also outputs the URI and the file path for the last file taken.

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