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Javascript basics using mocha and chai
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Programming basics

This small project will introduce you to some of the basics in Javascript.

What You'll need

This Repo

You can press the Download button on this page. Or if you have git installed you can run the following in your terminal.

git clone


After you have created a copy of this repository from github you will need to download and install Node.js from here

Install the Dependencies

# make sure you are in the project directory
npm install 

You are all set.

Commands to run the tests

All the prewritten tests can be run by executing the following in your project directory.

npm test

Testing Basics

Testing in its simplest form is used to ensure your code is working correctly and help remove any potential bugs from your code.

So why is testing used here?

As a learner it will help you have a basis to work from and also aid in problem solving a big part of programming is essentially how to solve a problem, in addition to the above it helps you break down a problem into smaller parts.

All the tests have been created for you so that you can focus on learning.

Reading Information

Everything that you complete in this beginners javascript can be found in by searching google, I recommend using MDN if you get stuck ask in the slack channel.

Some awesome free resources you should check out.

You Dont Know JS by Kyle Simpson

Eloquent Javascript by Marijn Haverbeke

Also Mozilla has a great reference at MDN

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