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Code used in the ExpoQA19 conference in the talk "Testing cloud and kubernetes applications"
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Testing cloud and kubernetes applications

Code used in the masterclass "Testing cloud and kubernetes applications" in ExpoQA event held in Madrid in June 18-19 2019.

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There are 6 git branches with different ways to configure and improve the same basic web application. The application is containerized and has two services, web app container and database container. I has two E2E tests using a web browser with Selenium.

  • Demo 0: Docker-compose managed app. Tests using browsers installed on Jenkins machine.
  • Demo 1: Logs archived in the Jenkins build for further inspection.
  • Demo 2: Logs archived in ElasticSearch and analyzed with Kibana
  • Demo 3: Dockerized browsers with recording for furhter inspection using Selenium Jupiter.
  • Demo 4: ElasTest integration
  • Demo 5: Kubernetes managed app with ElasTest integration.
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