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A custom, all batteries included, Jenkins master image
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Code Valet Master

This repository contains the script and code necessary to build a Docker image with a Jenkins master and the necessary plugins for it to operate.

This code was originally located in the codevalet/codevalet repository but has since been moved out to allow for more independent iteration on the master image itself.



  • Git

  • GNU/Make

  • Docker

  • Docker Compose

Running locally

  1. docker pull codevalet/master:latest

  2. docker run -p 8080:80 -e GITHUB_USER=yourgithubname codevalet/master:latest

  3. Navigate to localhost:8080/blue/pipelines

Environment Variables

  • GITHUB_USER GitHub user name to grant permissions

  • CLIENT_ID (optional) custom GitHub OAuth Application Client ID

  • CLIENT_SECRET (optional) custom GitHub OAuth Application Client Secret

  • MAX_AGENTS (optional) maximum number of agents (defaults to 2)

  • AZURE_TENANT_ID Azure tenant ID for agent provisioning

  • AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_ID Azure subscription ID for agent provisioning

  • AZURE_CLIENT_ID Azure client ID for agent provisioning

  • AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET Azure client secret for agent provisioning.

  • SENTRY_DSN (optional) Sentry DSN for sending error logs.