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Version 0.11.0


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Breaking Changes
  • Pageflow now depends on Rails 4.2, which is the only version below Rails 5 that still receives security and bug fixes. See the Upgrading Rails guide for changes you need to apply to your application. (#575)

  • Active Admin/Devise have been updated. The gem entries for activeadmin, ransack, inherited_resources and formtastic have to be removed. Furthermore, delete the following line from the Pageflow initializer:


    Instead insert the following line at the top of the Active Admin initializer:


    See the Active Admin changelog for instructions on how to upgrade the Active Admin initializer. (#500)

  • Error pages now live in the public directory of the host application. Run the following generator to copy the default error pages to public/pageflow/error_pages:

      $ bin/rails generate pageflow:error_pages

    Feel free to change the generated files however you like. (#572)

  • The default theme has partly been rewritten. See the new theme guide for instructions on how to build themes that are decoupled from Pageflow implementation details. (#470, #576, #586, #590, #591, #592, #593, #594, #596, #597, #598, #626, #618, #600)

Public Site
  • Rebrush default theme (#612, #611, #588)
  • Minimalistic player controls (#558)
  • Move share button in mobile navigation to bottom (#551)
  • Scroll to active item in overview item (#555)
  • Improve hide text css (#541)
  • Improve focus outline handling (#543)
  • Increase fastclick compatibility of share menu (#548)
  • Disable atmo on mobile platform (#554)
  • Ensure facebook app does not crop viewport (#607)
  • Apply widget margin to mobile scroll indicator (#606)
  • Bug fix: Fix keyboard access to sub share menu (#553)
  • Bug fix: Do not set video src on video page activate (#547)
  • Bug fix: Prevent native scrolling on multimedia alert (#550)
  • Bug fix: Ensure entry cache is invalidated when theming changes (#627)
  • Improve filtering, sorting and pagination of admin tables (#568, #567, #563)
  • Allow setting defaults for meta tags per theming (#538, #573)
  • Improve revisions table on entry admin page (#619)
  • Allow specifying custom share url (#581)
  • Add option to hide overview button (#556)
  • Display warning for ie 9 in editor (#552)
  • Bug fix: Prevent scrolling preview while focus in sidebar (#549)
Rails Engine
  • Update activeadmin to 1.0.pre4 (#617, #610)
  • Update sass to 3.4 (#540)
  • Switch to cancancan from cancan (#615)
  • Add config option to forbid deleting user account (#535)
  • Encapsulate active admin load path setup (#570)
  • Add off event emitter method to pageflow.hidetext. (#542)
  • Introduce widgets api (#544)
  • Introduce widget margins (#557)
  • Add page css classes for scroller boundary position (#545)
  • Allow overriding logic to determine highlightes page (#605)
  • Theme generator for configurable default theme (#560)
  • Prevent account with entries being deleted (#599)
  • Correct the documentation for js widget types (#571)
  • Update ruby version requirement in readme (#620)
  • Make sliderinputview more configurable (#602)
  • Add classnames to title bar action-items (#608)
  • Add browser agent based detection for ie up to 11 (#601)
  • Upgrade to rspec 3 (#569)
  • Add ruby 2.3.1 to travis file (#609)
  • Use parallel coverall builds (#614)
  • Generator unit tests (#574)
  • Generate theme documentation (#559)
  • Install coveralls test coverage reporter (#561)
  • Import new rubocop default from hound repository (#580)
  • Add scss_lint and rubocop to development dependency (#625)
  • Rename .css.scss files to just .scss (#613)
  • Ignore a few more files (#565)
  • Increase the test coverage (#603, #604)
  • Bug fix: Narrow sprockets-rails version (#546)

Version 0.10.0


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Breaking Changes
  • Except for icon fonts, Pageflow now only packages the Source Sans Pro font, which is used by the default theme. If your theme depends on one of the additional fonts that were included so far, you need to supply these in your own app from now on. (#498)

  • HTML meta tags for published entries can now be configured in the Pageflow initializer. The partial layouts/pageflow/_meta_tags.html.erb is no longer used and can be removed. (#508, #517)

Manual Update Step
  • Image file Paperclip attachments need to be refreshed to ensure the new thumbnail_large styles (#466) are present:

      $ bin/rake paperclip:refresh:thumbnails \
          CLASS=Pageflow::ImageFile \
          ATTACHMENT=processed_attachment \
      $ bin/rake paperclip:refresh:thumbnails \
          CLASS=Pageflow::VideoFile \
          ATTACHMENT=poster \
      $ bin/rake paperclip:refresh:thumbnails \
          CLASS=Pageflow::VideoFile \
          ATTACHMENT=thumbnail \

    If you use plugins that provide file types with thumbnails, you need to reprocess their attachments as well.

Public Site
  • Support entries with multiple storylines (#409, #461, #462, #467, #485)
  • Display chapters of main storyline in overview (#455)
  • Add css class to prevent display of hidden text indicator (#435)
  • Use shared translations pageflow-public-i18n gem for published entries. (#451, #450, #410)
  • Fade scroll indicators on classic navigation bar (#464)
  • Bug fix: Ensure background videos loop on desktop safari 9 (#527)
  • Bug fix: Use current entry in non-js media links, fix video tag rendering and apply password protection to non-js files pages. (#530, #529)
  • Bug fix: Remove html entities from social share description (#486)
  • Bug fix: Prevent accessing password protected entries (#483)
  • Bug fix: Use history pushstateadapter on ios 8 and above (#479)
  • Bug fix: Use correct key in navigation share box (#454)
  • Bug fix: Replace source sans pro to support czech characters (#497)
  • Bug fix: Decouple overview and navigation widgets (#505)
  • Bug fix: Ensure delayed text is displayed id no css animation support (#525)
  • Add feature tab to entry admin (#432)
  • Allow associating multiple CNAMES with a theming (#482)
  • Improve feature state inheritance (#528)
  • Add inline help for account default widgets form (#522)
  • Scaffold pages and chapters in editor (#456)
  • Disallow links in overview description (#440)
  • Make page transitions to storylines more configurable (#526)
  • Add storyline help topic (#460)
  • Improve display of page type pictograms in select box (#434)
  • Improve reloading logic for widgets inside editor (#429)
  • Reload dynamically generated entry stylesheet (#426)
  • Improve inline help in forms (#480)
  • Debounce widget update in editor (#444)
  • Improve native scrolling prevention (#477)
  • Bug fix: Improve storyline management (#515)
  • Bug fix: Prevent creation of loops in the storyline hierarchy (#533)
  • Bug fix: Prevent edit lock warning when editing reused file (#524)
  • Make fetching other entries faster for file reuse (#523)
  • Bug fix: Optimize sidebar for text box compatibility (#478)
  • Bug fix: Fix editor blank slate background color (#433)
  • Bug fix: Offer original image for download in editor (#442)
  • Bug fix: Ensure pages are preloaded in editor after type change (#430)
  • Bug fix: Correctly detect links to prevent default for in editor (#431)
Rails Engine
  • Let page type opt out of default scroller creation (#427)
  • Add theme option to control page change at storyline boundaries (#458)
  • Allow registering default widget types in features (#521)
  • Add mixin to generate page type pictogram theme css (#449)
  • Introduce SCSS extendables (#463)
  • Introduce SCSS variables for page typography (#520)
  • Add image css classes to lazy load thumbnails (#488)
  • Add cleanup page type hook (#489)
  • Reorganize seed data (#465, #532)
  • Allow using i18n-js in published entries. (#531)
  • Default implementation for editor page links collection and views (#415)
  • Implement options for disabling rich text and links in TextAreaInputView (#404)
  • Trigger event on editor api when chapter or page is added (#457)
  • Set PAGEFLOW_EDITOR global (#428)
  • Improve page navigation list widget (#443)
  • Also set filter css class on navigation bar item (#459)
  • Optionally specify a host for the dummy instance (#503)
  • Ensure multijson uses yajl JSON adapter. (#487)
  • Improve guides and specs (#502, #501, #473, #472, #514)
  • Improve test coverage of page type interface (#518)
  • Bug fix: Destroy dependent account objects (#493)
  • Bug fix: Prevent incorrectly called page type hook on manual start (#441)
  • Bug fix: Explicitly set available locales in config (#452)
  • Bug fix: Fix migration rename command in readme (#448)
  • Install semmy release rake tasks (#534)
  • Update travis to use ruby 2.1 (#506)

Version 0.9.0


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Breaking Changes
  • The internal links page type has been extracted to the pageflow-internal-links gem. (#316) Remove the following line from your Pageflow initializer:


    Then follow the instructions found in the gem's README to install the extracted page type.

  • The configuration API for registering new page types has changed. Turn calls of the form




    The old method still exists for now, but will be removed before version 1.0. (#297)

Manual Update Step
  • Some of the new features have to be enabled manually via the new feature toggle UI inside the admin. Visit the Features tab on the account's admin page to view a list of available feature toggles.
  • Image file Paperclip attachments need to be refreshed to ensure the new panorama styles (#344) are present:

      $ bin/rake paperclip:refresh:thumbnails \
          CLASS=Pageflow::ImageFile \
          ATTACHMENT=processed_attachment \
Public Site
  • Password protection for published entries. (#301, #304)
  • Atmo audios spanning multiple pages. (#332, #361, #422)
  • Option to automatically change page on video end. (#334, #339)
  • Option to fade in page titles after a delay. (#338)
  • Additional page transitions. (#326, #363, #423)
  • Make https mode configurable (#403)
  • Improve display of file rights. (#300)
  • Slideshow optimization to improve initial load time in large entries. (#330, #352)
  • Minor improvements to the video page type. (#355, #333, #357, #353, #331)
  • Bug fix: Use large link thumbnail if hero argument is true (#417)
  • Bug fix: Use the current locale in meta tags (#412)
  • Bug fix: Ensure hidden text indicator is only visible on mobile (#391)
  • Bug fix: Fix copyright links in mobile navigation. (#377)
  • Bug fix: Find share target page in published revision (#375)
  • Bug fix: Improve local storage detection to prevent failure in Safari. (#360)
  • Duplicating entries. (#372)
  • Hotkey to edit the current page. (#340)
  • Optimized video resouce management in editor for large entries. (#337)
  • Implement remembering of scroll position in chapter overview (#405)
  • Prefill depublication date field to one year from now (#392)
  • Implement loading spinner for file reuse panel (#387)
  • Bug fix: Make edit widget view handle widgets with no available widget types (#383)
Rails Engine

Public APIs to be used by Pageflow plugins:

  • Introduce features API. (#297, #320, #325, #416)
  • Introduce API for audio playback. (#319, #356)
  • Add API to add inputs to admin forms. (#421)
  • Enhance API for page types to configure their scroller. (#321, #327, #336)
  • Introduce API to display multimedia alert. (#359)
  • Introduce API to register new page transitions. (#326)
  • Introduce history API with adapters for hash, push state and simulation. (#322)
  • Introduce page type API to manage internal links. (#324)
  • Introduce API to customize page change behavior via scrolling. (#323)
  • Record when an entry has first been published (#419)
  • Promote pageflow.Object to application.js. (#296, #298)
  • Dispatch page:update event via (#302)
  • Panorama image file style. (#344)

Theme options:

  • Add theme option to disable page change by scrolling. (#349)
  • Let themes disable hide text on swipe functionality. (#358)
  • Add theme options to configure orientation and display of scroll indicators. (#329, #397)
  • For themes that support non-linear Pagefows, chapters can now be organized in a hierachy. (#318, #345, #348)

Extracted reusable jQuery widgets:

  • Fullscreen button. (#350)
  • Parent page button. (#347)
  • Additional player controls buttons. (#346, #362, #354)
  • Use top button to go to landing page. (#351)
  • Extract social share links into reusable partials. (#335)

Reusable components for the editor Backbone application:

  • Generic button and list views. (#343)
  • Generic reference input view. (#342)
  • Page attribute translation key prefixes (#395)
  • Add visible option for input backbone views. (#341)
  • Options for configuration editor tab groups. (#328)
  • Allow displaying custom views in the editor main region. (#317)
  • Add appendSubview method. (#310)
  • Improve SubsetCollection. (#309)
  • Bug fix: Fix editor bug in collection_view.js (#382)
  • Bug fix: Fix editor bug related to underscore.js (#381)
  • Bug fix: Set isDestroying before triggering destroying event. (#312)
  • Bug fix: Save TextiInputView on close. (#311)

Enhancements for app development:

  • Allow overriding attachments scope name. (#303)
  • Bug fix: Add spec fixtures required by factory girl to gem files. (#370, #371, #368)
  • Use environment variables for api keys in generated initializer. (#306)
  • Bug fix: Fix theme name replacement in generator (#385)
  • Include pageflow version in entry css url to invalidate CDN on gem updates. (#376)
  • Allow adding pageflow configure blocks in tests. (#420)
  • Improve stability of feature specs. (#299)
  • Disable bandwidth feature detection in test environment. (#308)
  • Add config files to perform rubocop checks with hound (#390)
  • Rename binstub directory back to bin (#389)
  • Replaced sample video with smaller file (#386)
  • Bug fix: Fix paperclip version to 4.2 until 4.3 issues are resolved. (#307)

Version 0.8.0


Compare changes

Public Site
  • Bug fix: Do not hang at loading spinner if local storage is not available. (#295)
  • Bug fix: Ensure correct social sharing images and descriptions are used. (#288)
  • Bug fix: Ensure audio page text is not hidden by player controls on mobile. (#263, #267)
  • Use locale from request header if user has not selected one. (#265)
  • Performance improvement: Speed up file polling requests in editor. (#276)
Rails Engine
  • Allow exluding widgets from being rendered in the preview. (#271)
  • Authorize display of entry admin tabs. (#272)
  • Trigger Event when the multimedia alert is closed. (#260)
  • Pass page widget in context option of media events. (#273)
  • Upgrade to Paperclip 4.2 to improve temp file removal. (#289)
  • Include teaspoon javascript tests in travis run. (#264, #294)
  • Use container based travis infrastructure and cache gem bundle between test runs. (#270)
  • Improve install instructions in README. (#283, #285, #293)
  • Bug fix: Reset capybara session before cleaning the database in tests. (#269)
  • Bug fix: Prevent order dependent test suite failures. (#274)

Version 0.7.2


Compare changes

  • Bug fix: Depend on version 1.x of aws-sdk gem. (#259)

Version 0.7.1


Compare changes

  • Bug fix: Make gem versions more specific. (#254, #256)
  • Bug fix: Loosen JBuilder dependency. (#257)
  • Bug fix: Make custom Backbone Marionette renderer accept functions as templates. (#252)

Version 0.7.0


Compare changes

Manual Update Step
  • The locale can now be changed on a per user and per entry basis. (#220)

    For language selection to work inside the admin, you need to add the following line to the setup block inside your config/initializers/active_admin.rb file:

      ActiveAdmin.setup do |config|
        # ...

    So far en and de locales are supported. The default locale can be configured in your config/application.rb file just like for any other Rails app:

      config.i18n.default_locale = :de

    If you do not wish to allow users to change the locale setting, add the following line to your config/initializers/pageflow.rb file:

      # Make only some locales available
      config.available_locales = [:de]
  • DOM Change: The overview close button and the scroll/hidden text indicators now use localizable texts instead of relying on text in images. Custom themes must either hide or style these texts.

Public Site
  • Twitter share cards support. (#218)
  • Bug fix: Cache head fragment for different share targets. (#243)
  • Bug fix: Improve social sharing buttons. (#246)
  • Bug fix: Ensure target blank for content links. (#233)
  • Bug fix: Improve top margin of pages without title. (#223)
  • Bug fix: Correct width of title elements with text position right. (#224)
  • Bug fix: Correct logo height on mobile devices. (#234)
  • Bug fix: Prevent illegal UTF8 characters from causing javascript syntax errors. (#238, #239)
  • Improved page type select drop down menu. (#249)
  • Improved extensible help dialog. (#248)
  • Update rich text editor. (#232)
  • Allow mailto protocol in content links. (#245)
  • Bug fix: Remove unused additional info box fields for background audio page type. (#226)
  • Bug fix: Allow unsetting the custom share image. (#230)
  • Bug fix: Do not display outdated data when visiting editor with browser back. (#239)
  • Bug fix: Stop edit lock polling when session expires. (#240)
  • Bug fix: Add missing en translations. (#237, #247)
Rails Engine
  • New plugin method for configuration API. (#244)
  • Refactor default theme to ease importing additional files. (#229)
  • Dispatch media events on video/audio playback. (#227)
  • Remove unused page type engine base class. (#225)
  • Bug fix: Depend on working jquery-fileupload-rails patch level version. (#235)

Version 0.6.0


Compare changes

Public Site
  • Allow displaying a different poster image for video pages on mobile devices where autoplay is not supported. (#143)
  • Animate scrolling indicator initially. (#144)
  • Improve Facebook open graph meta tags. (#157)
  • Allow sharing individual pages and changing the share image. (#206)
  • Allow configuring position of background videos. (#176)
  • Allow emphasizing recently added pages. (#195, #214)
  • Start at bottom of page when scrolling backwards. (#178, #184, #185)
  • Prevent search engine indexing of video/audio file pages. (#219)
  • Improve iOS 8 compatability. (#186, #199)
  • Improve IE 11 compatability. (#189)
  • Bug fix: Let Favicon path point into theme directoy. (#164)
  • Bug fix: Correct position of video loading spinner. (#141)
  • Bug fix: Audio loop page did not loop. (#147)
  • Bug fix: Prevent resolving ready promise before dom ready event. (#167)
  • New background positioning dialog. (#212)
  • Extensible tab concept for account and entry admin view. (#165)
  • Improve editor preview when sidebar causes narrow display. (#196)
  • Editor UI improvements. (#182, #194, #200, #203, #207, #208, #210, #215)
  • Bug fix: Audio kept playing in editor when chaning page type. (#149)
  • Bug fix: Do not display edit lock warning after reopening an entry in the same tab. (#202)
  • Bug fix: Do not pass obsolete page configurations to page type hooks. (#204)
  • Bug fix: Return to correct tab after file selection. (#211)
Rails Engine
  • Rails 4.1 compatibility. (#161, #162, #197)
  • Introduce plugin concept for ui widgets. (#170, #198)
  • Dispatch global events for Pageflow extensions. (#171)
  • Allow widget types to add content to page head. (#217)
  • Richer CSS classes for theming of progress bars. (#177)
  • Allow special theming of first page of chapter. (#151, #209)
  • Allow page types to control whether an inverted scrolling indicator is used. (#180)
  • Give page types access to scroller properties. (#181)
  • Extract reusable Backbone views from editor. (#163)
  • Improve Backbone form and tab views. (#166, #169)
  • Include capybara webkit tests in travis run. (#201)

Version 0.5.0


Compare changes

Manual Update Step

To enable the new built in audio loop page type, you need to add the following line to your config/initializers/pageflow.rb file:

Public Site
  • Improve playback of certain videos in Firefox. (#116)
  • Add audio loop page type. (#120)
  • Allow page thumbnails to be explictly defined. (#121)
  • Reword multimedia alert. (#122)
  • Background shadow position always left on phones. (#123)
  • Do not display chapter headings in overview if only one chapter exists. Improve display of multiline chapter titles in overview. (#130)
  • Improve styling of player controls on mobile platforms. (#132)
  • Allow hiding social media links in themes by adding a CSS class. (#135)
  • Add data-theme attribute to DOM so page types can determine the current theme name. (#136)
  • Bug fix: Correct color of links in additional info box. (#117)
  • Bug fix: iOS 8 window.onload bug workaround. (#119, #131)
  • Bug fix: Add missing overview pictogram for internal links page. (#137)
  • Display an error message if an uploaded file cannot be matched to a file type. (#133)
  • Bug fix: Spelling error in form input label. (#128)
  • Bug fix: Do not escape HTML in preview of thumbnail hover texts in internal links page. (#134)
Rails Engine
  • Allow page types to introduce new file types. (#124)
  • Allow page types to customize their thumbnail representation. (#138)
  • Remove some unused images from default theme. (#139)
  • Make zencoder urls configurable. (#145)

Version 0.4.0


Compare changes

Breaking Changes
  • The <meta name="description" /> tag now uses the Entry#summary attribute which can be edited in the editor. If you have a custom layouts/pageflow/_meta_tags.html.erb partial in your project, remove the description meta tag there to prevent duplicate tags. (#112)
Public Site
  • Improve generation of credits box. (#99)
  • Bug fix: Respond with 404 for unknown format. (#101)
  • Bug fix: Decrease margin of links in text in default theme. (#108)
  • Bug fix: Ensure top margin in additional info box even if no title is present. (#109)
  • Bug fix: Logo was no longer left aligned at certain window widths. (#111)
  • Improve order of files in editor. (#105)
  • Improve order of items in select boxes of membership form. (#107)
  • Blank slate for editor. (#110)
  • Improve encoding confirmation workflow in editor. (#113)
  • Improve entry publication workflow in editor. (#114)
  • Bug fix: Editing a newly created page altered the default attribute values of subsequently created pages. (#103)
  • Bug fix: Update positions of chapters and pages when an item is removed. (#104)
  • Bug fix: Do not send bad request by trying to save order of empty chapter. (#104)
  • Bug fix: Link dialog of rich text editor was broken. (#108)

Version 0.3.0


Compare changes

Breaking Changes
  • Requiring pageflow/seeds in your db/seeds.rb file no longer automatically creates database records. Instead, you can include the Pageflow::Seeds module to configure your database seed via a DSL. (#73)

    To keep seeding your database with the same default users and sample entry as before, re-running the pagflow:seeds generator and choose to overwrite your your db/seeds.rb file:

    $ cd your_pageflow_app/
    $ rails generate pageflow:seeds
  • DOM change: .navigation a.navigation_home has been renamed to .navigation a.navigation_top. You need to update corresponding selectors inside custom themes. Instead, a new .navigation a.navigation_home button is now supported, which links to a configurable external site. (#98)

    If you do not wish to use this new home button with your custom theme, you can disable it when registering themes in your config/initializers/pageflow.rb:

    config.themes.register(:custom, no_home_button: true)

    This will cause Pageflow to only render the a.navigation_top link in entries using your theme.

Public Site
  • Bug fix: Audio player timestamps were flickering on play. (#74)
  • Bug fix: Link IE stylesheets/javascripts correctly. (#81, #92)
  • Bug fix: Improve SSL support (#88)
  • Bug fix: Ensure entry stylesheets are not cached after re-publication. (#94)
  • Audio/video autoplay is now configurable. (#95)
  • Bug fix: Rich text editor added <p> instead of <br> tags in IE 11. (#91)
Rails Engine
  • Paths of files generated by Zencoder are now configurable. (#71)
  • Zencoder output to Akamai NetStorage. (#78)
  • Generate protocol relative Zencoder urls when :s3_protocol in zencoder_options is empty string. (#83)
  • public_entry_url_options option to configure urls of published entries. (#84, #97)
  • Placeholder partial to integrate analytics in editor. (#93)
  • Editor JavaScript API to allow new page types to provide new editor features. (#96)
  • Bug fix: Update jbuilder gem dependency (#79)

Version 0.2.1


Compare changes

Version 0.2.0


Compare changes

Breaking Changes
  • Themes have been splitted in Themes and Themings. Themings exist per account in the database containing configuration like copyright/imprint link urls and reference a theme. Themes represent available CSS and correspond directly to directories under pageflow/themes. Themes are registered in the Pageflow initializer. (#45)

    To update your application:

    • Add the following line to your config/initializers/pageflow.rb:

    • Install and run the migrations to convert your database.

Public Site
  • Bug fix: Improve video playback support on iOS and Android. (#32, #33)
  • Theming attributes can now be edited via the accounts admin. (#45)
  • Option to require explicit confirmation of video/audio encoding by user before submitting jobs to Zencoder. (#52)
  • Preview draft revision via admin. (#62)
  • Bug fix: Missing translations for attribute/model names in admin. (#36, #58)
  • Bug fix: Reusing files from other entries was broken in editor. (#59)
Rails Engine
  • Theme CSS files are automatically registered for asset precompilation. (#45)
  • pageflow:theme generator to copy theme template to main application. (#45)
  • More configurable default theme. (#35)
  • public_entry_request_scope option to restrict the published entries available under a certain host name. (#61)
  • Tests now use MySQL. The dummy application used to test the Pageflow Gem against now uses MySQL. To run the testsuite you need to have a MySQL database called pageflow_dummy_test You can configure user and password by setting the environment variables PAGEFLOW_DB_USER and PAGEFLOW_DB_PASSWORD. If they are not present root is assumed as user and the password is left blank. (#56)
  • The Accounts admin show template has been splitted into multiple partials. (#65)
  • Bug fix: Specify jquery-ui-rails major version in gemspec. (#67)

Version 0.1.0


Compare changes

  • pageflow:install generator now creates resque rake tasks.
  • Configuration option to change email address user invitations are sent from.
  • Improved asset precompilation for production environment.

Version 0.0.1


  • Initial release