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import os
import _nbt
from _nbt import *
print "Accelerated NBT module loaded."
except ImportError:
print "Import error loading precompiled _nbt extension. Trying pyximport..."
import numpy
from pyximport import install; install(setup_args={'include_dirs':[numpy.get_include()]})
import _nbt
from _nbt import *
print "Accelerated NBT module loaded via pyximport."
except ImportError, e:
print "Exception: ", repr(e)
print """Import error loading _nbt extension. NBT acceleration will not be available.
To take advantage of the accelerated NBT module, install both Cython and your system development tools. Use this
command to install Cython:
easy_install cython
import sys
if sys.platform == "darwin":
print """You must also install the Xcode development tools, available from the Apple Developer Connection at"""
elif sys.platform == "win32":
print """You must also install either Visual Studio 2010 or the Windows Platform SDK 7.0 from MSDN somewhere on"""
print """You must also install your system's development tools. On Debian and Ubuntu, this command should work:
sudo apt-get install gcc
from pynbt import *
print "Pure-python NBT module loaded."
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