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Import error messages now explain that NBT acceleration is not availa…

…ble, and gives tips on how to enable it by getting pyximport working.
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codewarrior0 committed Jan 3, 2012
1 parent 167f7e9 commit 751f190274f3bee8728a9c0dcb32d2bf54e3f36c
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@@ -3,14 +3,33 @@
import _nbt
from _nbt import *
+ print "Accelerated NBT module loaded."
except ImportError:
print "Import error loading precompiled _nbt extension. Trying pyximport..."
import numpy
from pyximport import install; install(setup_args={'include_dirs':[numpy.get_include()]})
import _nbt
from _nbt import *
+ print "Accelerated NBT module loaded via pyximport."
except ImportError, e:
- print "Import error loading _nbt extension", repr(e)
- import traceback; traceback.print_exc()
+ print "Exception: ", repr(e)
+ print """Import error loading _nbt extension. NBT acceleration will not be available.
+To take advantage of the accelerated NBT module, install both Cython and your system development tools. Use this
+command to install Cython:
+ easy_install cython
+ import sys
+ if sys.platform == "darwin":
+ print """You must also install the Xcode development tools, available from the Apple Developer Connection at"""
+ elif sys.platform == "win32":
+ print """You must also install either Visual Studio 2010 or the Windows Platform SDK 7.0 from MSDN somewhere on"""
+ else:
+ print """You must also install your system's development tools. On Debian and Ubuntu, this command should work:
+ sudo apt-get install gcc
+ print
from pynbt import *
+ print "Pure-python NBT module loaded."

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