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Injecting metrics at build time

Not all projects will have the required packages needed to provide monitoring. We have added the ability to auto inject the required configuration at build time to include these packages. The user will need to opt in for this to happen as we will be modifying the source code (but only in the build container)

Steps for user of cwctl

  1. Currently, cwctl is not required to inject metrics

Steps for users of api

  1. /api/v1/projects/<id>/metrics/inject with a body of {enable : boolean} needs to be called

Internal flow

If metrics injection is set on a project, the source code is modified in codewind-workspace/myproject prior to being built. This is done on a per project basis.

We save a copy of any files that are modified as a result of adding metrics (pom.xml, package.json etc). If the injection is turned off, the files can be reverted to their original state from these copies. This check and injection happens each time code is synced to pfe

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